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I have dysnomia. I have just been diagnosed after having a heart attack and when they went in and placed 4 stents the drs. nicked  two arteries and I almost hemmoraged to death. They did not realize it until they got me back to the recoup room (ha, ha, forgot the name of that room they put you in after surgery..) Anyways, after that episode, I started having problems remember names of things. Memory problems with words and recalling words, names of objects. More thingys, than there use to be...but there have always been more thingys in my conversations than other peoples, so I tend to keep my mouth shut as I can even with the outgoing personality I have been not so blessed with. People think you are dumb when you have alot of thingys in your life and conversations. LOL. So, you learn to "feel" your way around people.   I had a complete work up MRI, blood work, another test that starts with a C..(another word I forget) and I "passed all those."  So they sent me to a neurologist and I went in for a battery of test and I felt like an idiot. I had so much trouble remembering names of the pictures they were showing me... So, I got the printed results back and it says I have no amnestric disorder(whatever that is) but, I have dysnomic aphasia. I have been doing speech therapy for 5 months now and I have  not had  much improvement. The Dr. gave me aricept and sent me home. Follow up in 6 months. Oh, forgot to add I am on an antidepressant also. Celexa. 20mg. Truth is I think I have always had dsynomia but it is alot more pronounced now. I have never, never, never been able to remember peoples names but good at faking  until I can get them to say their name in conversation someway. My way of coping I guess. Didn't know there was a name for it really. That's about all.

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It's good that you got it diagnosed. I'm sure I have this too. It's always been a real problem, but now that I'm back in school I'm remembering how painful school is because of it. It's hard enough to remember terminology, and that's what I need to focus on.<br />
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But names of people? Forget it. After four months, I now know the names of three of the people I hang out with. The rest of the students in my classes can forget it. I don't know their names. They are often insulted, and think I don't like them. I had to look up what doctors call this because I need to start telling them something. Anything. I'm tired of losing friends just because they think they never mattered to me, when they did.<br />
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Now I just have to write this word "dysnomia" down and tell my husband what it's called. Or else it's guaranteed I'll forget the word by the time I get to school today.<br />
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Everyday I end up saying something like, "You know! That movie we watched?" (used to refer to any movie we may have watched at some point in time) or "Can you get me that... thing?" (to refer to a normal everyday ob<x>ject) or "That one guy with the long red hair" (to refer to the fellow student I've been talking to everyday for the last 3 months)... It's frustrating.<br />
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It's even worse when I do word mix-ups. "I looked out the mirror and saw you driving up" or "There's a window in the bathroom you can use." People think it's fun to tease me when I mix-up "mirror" and "window", and I'm tired of it. But I still do it. I know the difference. My brain just thinks they are "similar" and so opts to randomly pick the wrong word when I am talking sometimes.<br />
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I do wonder though... does this mean I do NOT have dyslexia? I've always wondered, as my symptoms seemed to only kind-of fit. I have no real problem reading, for example, unless it's a novel that begins with a lot of names of places and people.

I think I have that too. I have suffered for years and thought I had some type of dyslexia. I have had a MRI scan and they found nothing wrong. Mine tends to worsen as my anxiety levels increase. Does anyone else experience that?

Mine does. Its amplified with teachers and bosses, the complete blank slate. With my immediate family just the complete wrong word comes out.

Good to know there are other people out there with the same problem. It is very annoying!