I Have Dysthymi Disorder

For someone like me, with dysthymia, life was great when everything went according to plan. But when life didn’t go according to plan, I became irritable and difficult to be around, so people backed away and left me alone. Then I wondered why my friends weren’t my friends anymore. I was not included in parties or events and then when I found out everyone else was invited except me, I stormed off in a fit of rage again. It never occurred to me that my reaction was the very reason I wasn’t invited.
I've lived with Dysthymia my entire life but just diagnosed at 44 years of age in 2010. I had years of chronic anger, anxiety and feeling negative about everything in life. I contemplated suicide in 2009 and sought counseling. Being diagnosed with dysthymia was the best thing to ever happen to me. In fact, when I went to the psychiatrist for the first time, I prayed to God I had a disorder that medication may be able to help.
so in 2011, after feeling better than I had ever felt before, I wrote
Born Mad, my true life struggles of unknowningly battling dysthymic disorder. I am now an author, reporter for a local newspaper and public speaker for my small business (same name as the book) dedicated to creating awareness for dysthymic disorder. Do not let anyone convince you dysthymia is "mild" and should be dismissed or to just "get over it." I was suicidal, lost relationships with siblings and friends and almost lost my marriage. Being diagnosed saved my life and my sanity.

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41-45, F
May 15, 2012