Newly Diagnosed.

I am no stranger to mental conditions. I have been medicated for ADD and anxiety since elementary school, and battled a major depressive episode my sophomore year of high school. It should have been no surprise to me when my therapist told me, about a week ago: "What you're describing is called dysthymia--you have dysthymia." It was a term I had never heard before, although I looked it up and quickly recognised its more common name, chronic depression.

I assumed, after I went on depression meds back in 10th grade, that with those meds and more psychotherapy, I was going to get over my "major depression" gradually. I wasn't really aware that my continuing feelings of apathy and general "blah" were due to a separate issue. I thought major depression and chronic depression were kind of the same thing. So apparently I have had dysthymia for years, as I cannot really remember the last time I was truly happy. The major depressive episode was a temporary, debilitating worsening of my chronic depressive symptoms. And the medication I was prescribed for that major episode, which I am still taking now, is not helping much at all with my dysthymia.

It was actually a real relief finding out that, once I get some new medications, I can start feeling better and start learning how to come out of my shell and live my life. And this realisation came not a moment too soon--I am in my senior year of high school, have been accepted by my first-choice college, and will very soon be on my own.

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aww...i wissh yu tons of luck, and i hope your depresion will go away completely w/o the need for meds...plz if you have the time could u mssg me giving advice...i have horrible depression and anxiety nd im now a sophomore

congrats on getting accepted into college! I also had an episode my sophmore year of high school, I was almost brought to a mental hospital. Although I wish I was. It happened just one week ago, and my parents just pretend it never happened. I hope that you can live your life and be happy!!

Good luck!!! I'm a freshman in college, and I was a senior in high school when I was diagnosed with dysthemia. College is so different than high school, and at least for me, so much better than high school. It is a big change though, take it in, get involved! <br />
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If you ever need to talk about anything about change or college or just getting through the day, let me know. I'm trying to live my life happily, medication free, and so far change has been really good for me. I hope it's good for you too!! Congrats on college!!