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Had The Surgery

I just wanted to post my story since I couldn't find many stories from people who had had the surgery before I had it, and I was curious about what to expect. I had about 2 cm of my styloid process/ligament removed 2 and a half months ago. At this point, I feel like the healing is somewhat ongoing. I have a little achiness when I yawn, and some occasional discomfort in my ear, but for the most part I'm back to normal. No big successes for reducing headaches or neck pain (I did have a whiplash injury, which may have led to the Eagle's) but I no longer have the feeling of a lump in my throat or a chronic cough. The recovery was longer than the week that I expected but it wasn't so bad. I would say liquids for almost a week, then soft foods for another week (noodles, eggs, etc.) I couldn't really chew for maybe 3 weeks- nothing that required a lot of force, it would hurt my jaw. I had surgery through the internal route. I didn't have any serious complications, but I did get a little bit of thrush. I would recommend drinking some yogurt/probiotic drinks in the days after the surgery because the combination of antibiotics, being intubated, and not eating or drinking much for a few days can sometimes cause thrush. I was considering having the other side done too, it's elongated just not as much as the right side was, but I think now that I won't. The first side really needed to be done, it was protruding into my throat and very noticable, but the other side is more mild, and since it didn't really help my headaches or neck pain, I will probably just wait and see for the left side. Hopefully, it will not continue to grow. Good luck to everyone going through this now.
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I was diagnosed a year ago waiting for surgery . Hopefully in a couple months . Kinda freaked out. Don't know what to expect. How long I will be off. It has effected my daily life so bad I don't want to go back till I am 100% as I don't want to rush back and be off again. Any suggestion or tips on a good recovery ??

couldn't the neck pain/headaches you are still experiencing be the other side issue. Not sure how you could tell that it didn't help if you didn't fix all of it.

Does anyone know of a doc in the midwest (Im in Iowa) that helps with ES?

I heard that drinking a glass of warm water with a table spoon of apple cider vinegar can help slow down and even stop the calcification of the ligament in some cases

Hello. My Mom is having the same condition. I am from India.Could you please tell me how much did the surgery cost you?Reply appreciated.

Hello everyone!!! I'm new here and newly diagnosed with Eagle's Syndrome but not new to pain :( My pain began in July of 1993 with a headache that would not go away!!! For the last 20 years I've spent thousands of dollars, seen over 25 doctors and taken literally every drug known to science with no results and no relief. 7 years ago I was in a neurologist's office and brought up the possibility of Eagle's Syndrome and he alighted and said I was a paramedic with an over active imagination. I told him that, after all his tests and all the money wasted, it could be a high possibility and why not get a CT of that region also, couldn't hurt right? He said, "No, they're migraines, you're fine." In 16 days, I'm having surgery to remove my 7 1/2 inch calcified styloid process on the left. After I'm healed from that, Dr. Forrest at OSU in Columbus, OH will remove the just under 7" one on the right. (Just migraines my a**) If anyone on this sight has any post operative advice and feedback I'd be deeply appreciative!!

This is almost my exact story. They removed 2 inches today, I couldn't imagine 7. I had the migraine diagnosis over and over again. Finally after seeing 10 DR's I demanded a CT scan of my neck. It was a great "aha" moment for the the DR and me lol. So far I feel less dizzy and the pain is located on the side of my neck no longer in the back of my neck. I will see if this indeed fixes in time.

I had surgery week ago Friday ohio state university Dr. Eugene Chio! I went there because they were familiar with Eagle syndrome! He went through the neck and did both sides!I am so pleased the care I received! My Dr has been very helpful through the healing process! Still having some pain but very hopeful! my orthodontist took 3 d ex rays called my Dr, he never heard of Eagle syndrome, nor had i! I was always coplaining of swollen glands in my neck,jaw & face pain,ear pain and migraine s

Did you have both sides done at once? I thought they only do 1 at a time? Im so nervous to have surgery. I meet a surgeon soon. Been dealing wtih this since 2008

What were your headaches like? I have a lot of pokes of sharp pain. Sometimes out of no where. I get a sharp pain...throbbing headache.

Hello AmyBowie just wanted to ask you about your experience and how you feel after your surgery ? Thank you

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I am so glad you are healing. My 23 year old daughter has been sick for 15 months. We have been through 3 states, including Mayo Clinic, so many specialists who could not figure this out. I researched for months and learned about Eagle Syndrome. Sure enough, specialists in Florida finally agree, instead of the other doctors telling my daughter it was her imagination and needed a psych eval. What a joke. Concerned about the surgery... searching for the finest surgeon and willing to travel anywhere.


My friend who is in Sri Lanka has this syndrome please tell me a dr Who is in south asia or Singapore who can do the surgery .. Thank you

Hi Vatasal, One of my friend in Sri Lanka had the same problem. fortunately he found a good doctor from Peradeniya pediatric hospital and done the surgery successfully. Don't know whether you are referring the same friend. But if not try that doctor. Very talented surgeon. My friend's one is the first ever surgery in that kind done in Sri Lanka.Doctor's name is Dr. Athulgama.

I had surgery on 6/3/11. I did not realize the recovery would be this painful. I thought I would be eating normal foods by day 4 or 5, but I guess not. Chewing does irritate my jaw, so I am sticking with foods like oatmeal, noodles and protein shakes. My tongue is numb from them retracting it. The dr said it may take weeks for that to resolve. I think I also have thrush as my tongue is white. My dr gave me liquid Hydrocodone but it makes me feel jittery so I have been using Advil every 6 hours which seems to help. I am open to hearing about any other recovery suggestions.

If yogurt/yogurt drinks do not help, or the whiteness on your tongue gets thick, you might want to go in and be seen by a doctor. The medicine I was prescribed helped resolve the thrush quickly- I noticed improvement within hours of the first dose. I hope you start feeling better soon.

Just had the intraoral surgery done 2 days ago. My neck/jaw area is pretty swollen still, was not anticipating that so much. Wondering how long the swelling will last. Does hurt when swallow and can feel stitched incision area with tongue. Definitely easier than when tonsils we're removed last fall. My styloid on this left side was over 5 cn long. Hoping symptoms are gone once I am fully healed. Main complaint was feeling of something stuck in throat, and could feel bone protruding into back on tonsil area.

Did your lump sensation go away?

I had the surgery done at James Throat Center in Columbus Ohio Excellant surgeon Dr. Arick Forrest

Dr. Forrest will be operating on me on 8-9-2013 to remove my left styloid process. What were your general impressions of him and how are you after your Eagle's surgery? How long was your recovery time?

Where did you have the surgery done? I am headed for this surgery in April @ John Hopkins.

How did your surgery at John's Hopkins go? I had surgery about 4 years ago & my pain returned within a couple of months & am considering surgery again as the pain has gotten worse. I would appreciate knowing how your procedure went.