I Like Trying Exotic Foods.

 Alligator has the texture of beef and has a mild light flavor similar to chicken. Some people in this group disagree, they have the right to their opinion; though, it was like eating white beef textured chicken.

I have also tasted frog legs. I didn't like this at all. You know how frogs smell? They taste exactly the same. Ewwww! Won't have that again.

Though I would eat Alligator again, maybe prepared differently.

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3 Responses Jul 30, 2009

LOL JulySunSoul, I've never tried reindeer. <br />
<br />
destiney24 maybe your frog was larger or a different species, I didn't think it tasted like chicken at all.

wow ..i kinda (ignorantly) didnt think people ate alligator :S <br />
um guess anything is edible if you've got the gutts and the right nashers for it :P<br />
the weirdest thing i eaten is reindeer..which er isnt that unusual..its just deer from a different country...i dont believe it was one of santas though. <br />
but that might have been the reason i didnt get anything in my stocking last christmas.<br />
<br />
hmm sorry. so much unecessary waffling :D

Gator is AWESOME!!! I agree it is a lot like chicken. I will eat just about anything though... lmao