The Intelligent Crow

The Crow is the most Intelligent Bird in the world.
Its brain structure is like humans,and has the same intelligence as a Chimpanzee.
Certainly more intelligent than an 8 year old human child.
If you don't believe me,research it.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

How the **** is that related to eaten a crow?

You obviously would not hesitate to eat,Dolphins,Apes and humans,either.
All these people who eat them,will think that is some dumb creature,not that the least intelligent should be eaten either,but these people,including you,will obviously have no idea what intelligence is,and not think intelligent creatures have all the same emotions we have.Yes I know crows do kill,but that is survival,not just killing and eating because you can.Stick to eating a dumb chicken,yes you might have to pay for that,surely you can afford to eat chicken.
May'be you should have a pet crow and let it teach you a thing or two about intelligence.

wtf are you talking about