My Struggle With Ebv/mono And How It Has Impacted My Life

Hello, I was diagnosed with EBV which is the cause of mononeucleosis in June of 2008. I know that this is a suppose to be a very common virus and they say that "The Kissing Disease" is not much to worry about and that there is not really anything they can do for it. I had to be my own Dr. for along time not knowing what I had. I had all of the classic symptoms of mono and my blood test at the ER said my WBC was elevated.......But, they blew me off as just having depresssion and it was some kind of virus that would pass. I had been under a tremendous amount of stress that year, my marriage was on the rocks and we lost everything and having to file BK. I just want people to know that this virus that does stay with you for life, is, nothing to blow off. Things, are always harder on your immune system when you are older than....let's say 30. This virus was quite harsh on my whole body. I had all of the common symptoms along with the rare ones, rashes, hives, massive weight loss, dehydration, gastrointestinal problems, kidney, heart, nervous system. night sweats, white tongue etc....I was well up until i got this thing. EBV/MONO does cause depression and it does compromise your immune system. I know people who have Fibromyalgia, because, of this virus and it is indeed linked to certain other cancers.I also was diagnosed with high risk HPV another cancer causing virus and no cure for either. Unfortunatley, I was to old to get the vaccine when it came out. I was so full of life before this whole thing and I try and pray alot to get me through it. My question is this??They have pills for HIV...Why, not for EBV ??? I have been doing the homeopathic stuff, like vitamin C , multivitamin, colodial silver and antioxidants and drink lots of water. It's hard to do the whole work out thing for me because of the fatigue thing.....It's not as bad as it once was..but, it's still around. Anybody, out there that has this I would love to heaar from you, because, I have been through so many tests in these past two years and Dr.s just don't seem to care and I have insurance. I have tried anti-depressants to help with the depression part and to many side effects for me. I also have become allergic to pefumes and some foods since this too. So, if anyone has anything they would like to share with me....I mean anything...It would be great. Not alot of other support groups out on this topic.
2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I tested positive for this the other day. I'm low on vitamin D3 I was at 4. I have severe bone pain,stiff joints and very very tired. Pain in my neck. I'm hoping this goes away.

I was also diagnosed with EBV about 3 years ago. I was so exhausted I literally could not walk across the room. My hair was falling out, I always had a fever, lost tons of weight, got weird little bumps all over, migraine status headaches, a swollen spleen, swollen glands and horrible body pain. The unbearable symptoms lasted about 8 months and I was given Adderall for energy and Ambien for sleep. It was the worst time in my entire life. I believe I developed chronic fatigue syndrome from the infection. I need to get another blood test because I feel like some of the symptoms are coming back :(