Dyshidrotic Eczema

I just developed dyshidrotic eczema.  From what I know so far this is a type of eczema that affects the hands and feet.  At first I thought it was just a couple really small callouses on my fingers, I didn't notice any on my feet.  Then a little while later I thought I had athlete's foot (which I had never had or seen before).  I tried to medicate it and the medicine helped with the symptoms some but it wouldn't go away completely.  Now I just found out what it really is. 

Right now, my hands aren't very bad.  I have blisters on 5 fingers, but they aren't really visible and only two small areas have cracking.  My feet are a somewhat different story.  The blisters crack and ooze and itch and hurt.  Sometimes the pain is so intense I can barely walk.

I am hoping there is someone else who has this who can give some advice on what they do to deal with it.   

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dont worry...God sent me as ur saviour...do exactly as i say....do kapalbhati for 30 mins and anulom vilom for 30 mins...this is only 101% cure of eczema...dont do kapalbhati during ur periods....forget abt who i am..knw i frm india...do this nd see the results..its simple nd most powerful..google it if u dont knw

I have the same eczema. Gotta say I'm really sorry.


I have atopic dermatitis on my arms, legs, and neck since I was a child. As an adult I had developed dyshidrotic eczema when working as a bank teller. After moving on to another position, my hands slowly cleared up. I realized the excessive washing of my hands and using antibacteria hand gels was causing my condition on my hands. I still suffer from atopic dermitis off and on but my hands has never suffered an outbreak since.

I'm sorry that you are experiencing this. I too have been suffering from this type of eczema for the last 5 years also. It started on my fingers and the doctor misdiagnosed it as paronychea. I treated it for such and ended up being allergic to that medicine. It would bubble up on the palm side of my hand and then when the skin would peel and the pus would drain, my fingers would hurt to the point of almost burning. All of a sudden it vanished from my hands and reappeared on the soles of my feet. Only this time it is more severe. As you stated when the skin breaks it is very painful to walk. I've been to several doctors who thought I had a fungus so they treated it as such and none of those medications worked so then I started going to dermatologists. The first one thought I had pustular psoriasis so I treated my foot for that to no avail. So I went to another dermatologist who did more extensive tests and came to the conclusion that I indeed for a fact have dyshydrotic eczema. I just found this out 3 days ago!!! Imagine the stress, pain and suffering that I have had to endure these last 5 years consistently treating my skin for everything that it was not including thinking it was Athlete's foot and the ringworm and it was neither. Does anyone know of any really good treatments that I can use to try and manage my eczema a lot better???

Hi! I totally feel your pain. I have suffered with dyshidrotic eczema for pretty much my whole life. As long as I can remember (and I'm 25 now). So bad that I could not wash dishes, play basketball or even shake someone's hand. There appears to be no clear pathogenesis for this disease or cure. I have learned how to better manage this condition but I believe I suffer some secondary effects like social anxiety because of teasing and odd looks I used to get as a child. On top of this form of eczema I also have atopic dermatitis that occurs on parts of my face, arms and legs. I've learned that stress, hot weather and diet play huge factors in at least my experience. I try to avoid hot weather and sweating excessively. Also try to manage stress the best I can. My diet I have learned to exclude wheat, gluten and diary products as much as possible and I have much much better control over the out breaks. I hope this info helps those who suffer from this horrible condition. Because it sure makes daily life hard when you can't use your hands or feet.

Yeesh... I hear you about the foot eczema. I still have it, but to a much lesser degree. i thought for the longest time, as a child, that I had athelete's foot, but it was the eczema.

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I am really sorry for your pain. I can't say I had this in the past but, there should be a specialist for cases such as this. Don't try and consume what others say that might be good for you and will improve your situation. A dermatologist might be able and more equivalent to help you with this. I guess that since we all possess a different kind of organism by nature the healing way may vary. So it is best if you go and see a dermatologist. It may be cause by any kind of disturbance, your organism may be lacking something or have too much of something. I really hope things turn out for the best xx