Free Advice For Eczema Sufferers

After my daughter was born with eczema, I was strongly motivated to help her avoid harsh medicines if at all possible. I know eczema and other skin conditions can be extremely difficult to deal with and experience and I did not want her to suffer. As an acupuncturist and herbalist, I already knew much about the condition, but I read everything available when my own infant was diagnosed.

There are many simple, self-care recommendations that can help quiet symptoms considerably. I apologize if you already know this or it is obvious. But, I am often surprised when long-term eczema sufferers tell me that noone ever told them these basic things, so I am sharing them here just in case any of you might benefit from them. It is not medical advice, just common-sense suggestions.

1) Do not wash too often or with very hot water. This strips your natural, protective oils and makes your skin more dry.

2) If your eczema is due to allergies and exposure, change your clothes when you get home and wash off.

3) Avoid harsh soaps and body care products. Everything that you put on your skin goes into your body. One explanation of eczema is that the skin is too porous and is not providing a sufficient barrier, so people with eczema are more sensitive. Try to use simple, natural products. Avoid things that have lots of ingredients, chemicals, fragrances.

4)Figure out your triggers. Sometimes the body gets sensitized and then stays overly-reactive. Things that once were fine and did not bother you may now cause irritation. You may have to change your soap, your laundry detergent, your diet.

5) Eat as clean as possible. Same reason as above. The simpler the intake, the easier it is for your body. Your skin can be a reflection of what is going on inside, so your diet can be a major factor.

If even one person benefits from these simple suggestions I will be happy. My own daughter is almost 2 now and we do all of the above. We are very careful of body care products. The whole family washes clothes in natural laundry detergent. We bathe her ever other day. Thankfully, she has not needed to ever use any medicines and only uses the remedy which I made for her to moderate her symptoms. I wish all eczema sufferers similar results.

If you found any of these ideas helpful I am glad---I have recently posted a whole website full of the insights I have gained caring for my daughter. There are pages on diet, environment, products, the mind, etc. It is free information and my way of giving back....nothing commercial. It is: If you like it leave a note and let me know it helped. That makes me happy.

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thanks for the advice,my girl also has ecema, it is reaaly bad in the summer thanks for the helpful hints

i'm suffering /having eczema on my knuckles since 10 yrs back and no medication seems to help ,plz can anyone advice on it.

Just wanted to share some advice for those of you out there that get constant breakouts, but are afraid of over-using products such as hydrocortisone. After suffering from eczema for 22 years and fearing the over-usage of hydrocortisone (it thins the skin) I have found that Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Cream with shea butter and cooling menthol works even better than the doctor prescribed medication. Please give it a try before you use hydrocortisone products.

thanks for that baking soda tip, nightowlinak :)

I have had eczema all my life. My mom did nothing but complain and only make concessions that were absolutely necessary at any given time. As an adult, I find that I naturally follow all those things you have mentioned above, without really thinking about it that much. <br />
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The most difficult task to date is hair care products. Almost every hair care product out there sets me down the wrong road. Even the professional ones. I believe it is the alcohol contents in each and every one of these products. I am not much for giving out brand names, but I have to confess, I am appreciating melaleuca also known as tea tree oil. There are several manufacturers out there that have this ingredient.<br />
<br />
One last trick from over the years....<br />
When you come across something that gives you an immediate reaction..... get out you baking soda and bath that part of your skin with baking soda and water. It seems to very quickly neutralize the main affects of whatever I have blundered into by mistake.

Hi Clovek--<br />
Thanks for the feedback. I'm really glad the site helped you. I'll post your comments on our site: <br />
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Hello Internalarts, your website help me a lot. Thanks. :)<br />
I made comment, hope it'll be approved. :D

HI Clovek--<br />
Glad to have helped. Because I am an acupuncturist and herbalist and own a skin care company I often get questions about what people can do to help their condition. Rather than repeat the same suggestions over and over, I am currently putting up a website that has skin care tips related to environment, diet, washing, skin care products, the mind, and more. It is called "MySkinBetter dot com" . I put it up because after my daughter's experience with eczema, I wanted to share everything I learned. I hope you will find something of use there if you check it out. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for your advices. I have had Atopic Eczema since I was born. I had it on legs and arms. But when I was 3 years old, it disappeared and when I came to puberty it appeared again. Now, I have it on face, around eyes, lips in the hair. I`m trying to cure it without medicaments from doctors because everyone I know have hormonal medicines after all, and I don`t want it, too. I`m trying herbal remedy, tea, or homeopatic remedies. It disappears after some months and appears again.<br />
Your advices affirmed me what I thought.<br />