Home Treatments For Dyshidrosis Or Dyshidrotic Eczema

I noticed that a lot of the members have recently been sharing stories about their dyshidrosis eczema. So I posted a few home treatments I know for dyshidrosis. You can read the forum post (and the home treatments for dyshidrosis) at EP Link

Anyway, the reason why I know about these home treatments is because my mother has been having outbreaks since a few months ago. These home treatments work every time for her outbreak so I hope they'll be able to help you too. What I noticed with my mother was that when she used steroid creams, her dyshidrosis would be better then come back in a few days. With these home treatments, it would take weeks before another outbreak came.
amandabenson amandabenson
26-30, F
Jul 4, 2011