How Do You Fight An Eczema When It's Cause Is Everywhere!!

Hi, I have a severe case of eczema, and right now it is mainly on my hands and feet ( both cracked and bleeding).  I have an allergy to 4 different metals that cause my eczema.... zinc, nickel , copper, and silver..... my problem is that they are in everything.  I try to avoid them ( money, jewellery, etc) but then they are in the food I eat, and you need them to live.  I have never been able to take multi vitamins.... prenatal vitamins were a torture ( had eczema throughout my hair).  Been through the regiment of steroid creams, and nothing works.  So far, the only thing that has been helping is Polysporin, and that is just to keep the cracks from breaking and bleeding.  Nothing like not being able to open or close your hands.  People are understanding, tired of being asked how I burned my hands so badly.  It kind of does look like a burn, but my knuckles on my hands look like I took a dull knife and drug it across them.  Just sucks....

Anyone have any suggestions of anything to try,  the only thing the doctor has left to offer is the injections.... and apparently it hurts like hell.  At a loss.
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1 Response Nov 1, 2011

Try applying vitamin E oil wherever you have the eczema, I had also tried everything but this actually works. Also if you can, take fish oils, probiotics, and something that includes: bromelain, querceting, and stinging nettles, such as D-HIST. Hope this helps!