Eczema Stinks!!!

at school, kids are always staring at my eczema. i have to wear a skirt to school everyday (curse those stupid uniforms) and so I can't hide my legs, which is where my eczema is. i tried that aquaphor stuff. it worked for a while, but the rash never really went away. and now its cold, which means my eczema is even worse. i'm so tired of people saying "what is that?" and "eeeewwww!" :-(
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3 Responses Mar 20, 2007

hey..sorry for the lateness but can you wear socks??? I wear uniforms as well but I keep my socks up at alllllll times...but I would like a solution because I have it on my arms as well and summer is just around the corner where I live and I kepp my jacket on to hide it..i need a solution to that problem though. I am so sorry you have this condition and this is coming from a personal experience because I have it extremely bad too. :(

all natural eczema relief cream that really works within 24 hours you will see a dramatic reduction in the "Ewww"<br />

Reading your story jsut made me want to try and help. I sell this wash/oil/lotion and it really helps some people I know with eczema..It is not a cure, but maybe it could help YOU...If you want your mom to contact me, i can give her more<br />
I can understand how you feel and hope that you realzie there is much more that people look at than your legs....hope to help..Kori