Hate It! Hate It! Hate It!

I have 2 different types of Eczema. And I hate it. I have had it from a little child and nothing clears it up. Heard a few wives tales that milk flares it up. Bull ****.

I have found out that it gets worse in the heat. And i tend to wake up with it worse than when i went to sleep with. Its so itchy and causes me so much discomfort.

I have 3 creams, a moisturizer, a shower gel, soap and tablets. NOTHING ******* WORKS!
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I have it also... My Mom had it, and gradually it's been getting worse.. now it drives me crazy on my feet. It seems that stress can really bring out for me. I'm going to have to go the skin doc again and see what the next step is.. I have one cream that helps a little bit, but not much

Ugh, it used to keep me up at night, was hell for a while. I got a doc to prescribe me steroid tablets and they worked like magic, might be worth asking about. Only problem is I've been on them for about a year now, and any time I go off them it starts to come back within a few days, so it looks like I might be on them indefinitely.

I just told my daughters story in a post but I think it will really help youand everyone else! So I dont have to retype it I will just copy and paste it:) I really hope this can help for you too!<br />
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Yes! Yes! Yes! Trust me I have been there!! My daughter has had severe ezcema since she was 2(she is now 7)- bleeding, itching, oozing, flaky scalp with sores from itching, all over her face and whole body. Sores literally everywhere! We both had many sleepless nights full of crying and prayer. We did go to an allergist and found out she was allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, treenuts, and coconut(which is literally in EVERY soap, shampoo, and lotion in some form). But even taking all these things away she was still tore up with no help and no clearing up of the eczema!! We have been going to doctor after doctor for 5 years and none of their creams and lotions were doing anything. Finally this past December of 2011 I bought some dead sea salt by Adovia online. I put 2 cups in her bath every other day- keep in mind her coconut allergy so I use no soaps, shampoos, or lotions, I just put her in the bath let her soak for about 10 min. and get her out.Her skin has done a 100% turn around! She has almost no more sores on her arms and legs, her scalp doesnt even have a little bit of flaking! Her face still looks a little dry sometimes but no more redness and peeling!!! When I brought her back to the doctor in Feb. she was amazed and kept saying over and over, " I don't even want to admit this but what you are using has worked way better than anything we have given you!" I am so happy and amazed:) She still itches a little but NOTHING like it was. I have before and after pics that would amaze you. The only problem I am having with her right now is the back of her neck and I think it is mainly from the sun so I have started leaving her hair down to block it. I am so thankful to God for letting me find this sea salt and I really hope it can help someone else too!!

I understand your pain. I hate it also. I have had excema since I was a baby. It comes and goes and used to be on my elbows and behind knees but now on my face and neck. I hate it now more than ever. At least if it were somewhere else I could hide it with clothing. No one knows how you suffer unless you have it yourself. I have had all the ointments and topical creams you could imagine. Right now I am on oral cyclosporine and two topicals. The worst is on my eye lids and under eyes...miserable...I would do anything to make it go away. Dermatologist works short term...but never ever goes away.

my sister had eczma.. she used to mainly get it on her legs. she used to get family to send her some kind of cream which is in a bottle from greece.. we couldnt find it here in australia so we had family ship it out. it cleared it up and every time it would come back she would use it straight away and it would go away.. for the last 10 years or so, i have not seen her get it at all.. im pretty sure the cream was called "PISAVERIL" i dont even know if they make it anymore.. cause she hasnt needed it for so long.. but you might want to give it a try.. you never know.. may or may not have the same results my sister had