How One Fortuitous Encounter Changed My Life

I`ve been suffering from eczema as long as I can remember. After investing in and trying countless skin treatments, I had reached a point where I had completely given up. I just couldn’t take it anymore!!! Even thought, I was trying not to get my hopes up, with every new treatment, I ended up investing not only money but emotional energy as well. When, a little over a month ago, a friend of mine told me about this new Swiss product called the SELEXIR Peace Balm that had helped his sister with her eczema, I was only listening with one ear. I had no interest in even trying the product. A week or so passed by, and it just so happened that I ran into my friend`s sister at a mutual friend`s barbeque. I was amazed, her skin looked absolutely radiant! She took me aside and told me about her battle with eczema and finally convinced me to give this cream a try. I am so thankful that she did! I saw a difference in my complexion within days. After a week, my skin had visibly improved and felt nourished and much smoother. I love this stuff!

I can wholeheartedly recommend this cream to anyone and everyone with eczema/psoriasis and any other dry skin conditions! You will NOT regret it! I sure didn`t!

eczemanomore eczemanomore
May 16, 2012