Eczema Is A Part Of Me

I'm 17 years old and I was diagnosed with Eczema at the age of 8. People never seem to understand how bad it can get. They always say "Oh it must be a small rash" because thats what people usually experience. Eczema is everywhere, on my arms, my feet, my legs, my stomach. its really hard to be able to live like a normal teenager being able to go to the beach or wearing shorts and sandals is hard for me since I always feel so shy and hate showing parts of my skin. I wore baggy pants and long sleeved shirts until the age of 13 because i felt so insecure. When I was 15, My eczema got so bad my skin watered and i could barely stretch out my legs because my skin was so bad, i felt like a zombie. I went to get a treatment done in South America Colombia. The treatment was very simple, UVA lights, i stood in a chamber for 5 minutes and thats all i had to do. No Cortisone which was a relief, since cortisone is like an addicting drug for my skin, my skin had gotten so bad that i had to get a shot every 20 days. I missed my whole first year of high school because i was doing my treatment, i missed homecoming which i was a bit sad about but i was getting better. My confidence started going up, i was less depressed and i could finally say i was starting to feel comfortable in my own skin. its been 2 years since i got the treatment, and while im doing so much better than before, i do get occasional flare ups. I have started trying to wear dresses, and tank tops. no shorts yet :) or sandals. Eczema has become a huge part of my life, and it has made me a very mature person. Sometimes i feel like it stole a bit of my childhood but thats ok, as long as im alive and happy. I dont really know any other people with eczema, in my school I am the only one with severe Atopic Dermatitis. Ive always wanted to have friends my age that i can talk about this with, because there are non where i live. anyway thats my story :) at least it has a happy ending right?
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1 Response Sep 5, 2012

Hi, well your definately not alone, I guess I'm a little older (21). But, I totally know how you feel, trying hide yourself because its so bad ): But, I'm glad you got yours cured! I hope I can do the same for mine. Its encouraging to hear success stories with this. thank you for sharing

Thanks for commenting and reading my story :) yeah, its good to know there are others with eczema going through the same thing. Its a good feeling to know your not alone. And haha i wish it was cured, my eczema is simply in my control for now :)