I Had A Relapse

The past couple days have been really hard, because my eczema came back full throttle. I don't know why, but this time I'm trying to do a raw/vegan diet to try to get my body back to healthy.

I read somewhere in my research that sometimes a poor diet will show through in your skin if you have eczema. Furthermore, it tells us that our intestine is too clogged up with toxins so our bodies try to release the toxins in a different way, through our skin sometimes (if you have eczema, or sensetive skin).

I really hope this works. Life has been so hard recently, and I'm trying to find a new job in addition but, I keep losing confidence because of my skin. My face is covered in a bright red rash, and sometimes swells, but always is extremely dry, but if I try to exfoliate(itch) it off it just oozes, something horrible ): It is spreading over my body now and I hate to go outside anymore because I'm so self conscious. I have tried every cream and ointment out there. And from research I've read that its best to let the skin breathe during the detoxification process, but its so unbearable if I put nothing on it. I have this prescription ointment (which I know has skin thinning, and weakening side effects) which I really don't want to use but, it is the only thing that provides some relief.

So, I have changed my diet completely I just have to grunt it out while my body clears my intestines of the toxins I've been filling it with my whole life. It's just really hard to function when you feel like you look like a monster. Also, I have to work as a cashier, and I know people are scared of me from the way they look at me, or the way they just put their money on the counter so they don't have to touch my hands ): I feel so alienated and ashamed but, theres nothing I can do. I guess I just have to wait...

Let me know if any of you have tried to change your diet for your eczema or anything. It's really comforting to know I'm not alone in this.
And to anyone who has eczema I feel your pain, feel free to message me or add to talk, because eczema can really make you feel lonely ):
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My niece suffered with this as well 7 months ago she started drinking a product called LIMU she is now completely healed of all rashes and itching. I was shocked at her before and after pics.

Please read my story about the rolled Oates hopefully it may provide some relief for you

thank you very much, I'll try it!