Rolled Oates And Eczema

My 1 year old developed eczema all over his body to the point where his skin felt like sandpaper and had very itchy red sore areas at creases on his body. I tried everything under the sun to try and help him with no luck. A friend suggested putting a handful of rolled Oates in a stocking and running the bath water thru it so the water in the bath is cloudy, I also then rub the wet stocking over his skin. I started seeing results in about 7 days and now his skin feels like a new born babies! Some of the worst affected areas are still a little bit red but no longer look shiny and like the skin might crack.

I would recommend this for anyone suffering eczema to give this a go I can't believe that a $1.00 bag of rolled Oates has made such a dramatic change. While he's no longer scratching till he bleeds I think the only downside is that he sometimes smells like porridge!
Llolla Llolla
26-30, F
Sep 25, 2012