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Im turning 13 soon im in 7 grade middle school it sucks i would walk into school and people would stare and ask what happened to me on my face,arms and wrists it Is torturous sometimes i cry at night asking God why I was cursed with this my face is dry and flacking id put on lotion with no results i put on and take medication! Is there no end to this? Am i gonna live with this? No i cant!
thegirlwiththeczemascars thegirlwiththeczemascars
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3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Use Potroleum jelly. I put It one every night. I just finshed middle school. My eczema got better when I started to have a relationship with god. I don't know why we have this but I can tell u just keep on having faith because its a lot better to walk through it with god than without him

Have Faith Stay prayed up I feel your pain

hi, I've had eczema since i was 8 years old, and Im 17 at the moment, but I remember in middle school, I would hide my skin as much as possible. Its hard living with it, i agree. Ive always asked my self Why? but as much as it is a curse, its been a bit of a blessing. Its made me who I am today, my eczemas gotten so bad I almost saw the end of my life. It does get better. It gets easier to handle, It has made me strong and positive even through the worse times. I try to find something that distracts me, playing the guitar is a way to forget about my problems, and I have best friends that support me no matter what. I truly hope yours gets better too <3 good luck -Andrea