College And Eczema Troubles

Recently Ive started applying for colleges. With all the excitement about it, I have been a bit ignorant of how it will really be like when I leave my home. Today, since my mind wasn't thinking about anything in particular, a question popped into my head.

How will I control my Eczema on my own?

Im about to graduate High school, and since ive been able to depend on my parents for such a long time. The thought rarely crossed my mind. Now I'm about to start a new chapter in my life, and once again my eczema is getting in my way.

The colleges Ive applied for are far away from home, not too far, but still its 1-4 hours drive from where i live (depending on the college) so that means ill be staying at a dorm, which means Ill have a room mate.

How will my roommate take it?

Its more nerve wrecking then the thought of college alone. Billions of questions are scrambling in my mind.

What if I flare up?
What if my Eczema gets severe again?
What will I do if people reject me because of my skin?

I'm scared enough as it is, its a scary thought to leave home, ive lived here almost my entire life. the comforts of my home will be long gone. If i run out of a cream? and my favorite dermatologist wont be able to see me anymore.

So I have a question for anyone that reads this, If you have Severe Atopic Dermatitis, and are in college, how have you handled it?
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

I'm in the same position! It's a horrible thought, wish I was carefree like everybody else.

yeah me too, it makes life more complicated than it should :/ but i guess we just have to live with it