Why I Don't Regret Having Chronic Eczema

Since I was 2 weeks old I had Eczema, right now I'm 14 and I still have it. It's something that will affect my life, and even if it's cured it's effects will last forever. I have very severe chronic eczema. Every day, I'd wake up, and my sheets would be covered with blood, my marks stuck to them. My dream was that I'd be able to wake up, itch free, with no blood on the cover. I'd cry some days, because it was so limiting. The dryness of my skin makes me unattractive, and used to get me bullied sometimes. When I was younger, I didn't even play with other kids because I was so afraid they'd see my eczema and reject me. I kept to myself, and never showed my arms or legs, just wore a jumper and trousers. I've been to see so many specialists and none of them have helped. It's as if I'm all on my own. My family have been really supportive, but they can only help so much. I've had faith in God, and I still thank God because now I am better. I still have eczema, and it's still bad, but it's 100 times better than how it used to be. From the age of about 11 and a half it started getting better, when I started secondary school. I think my puberty must have made it better, but there were other things that helped too. Right now, I still have it, but I'm so glad I no longer wake up with blood on my sheets. I'm more social, less afraid, and though I still have dry skin that makes me less attractive, it's effects are lessened and I can still show off my good looks (Ego :D). I'm just writing this for people who have no hope. Hold strong. The doctors told me I'd have to manage my eczema for the rest of my life, that I'd never be cured. When I heard this, I was heartbroken, I couldn't imagine a whole life with the limitations I had. But when it got better, I realised, I can live with this. And although I'm hoping I get fully better, I know I can live with it even if it doesn't. Because it's not even recognisable any more. In the past it was the first thing people recognise about me, now people can't even guess without me telling them. The thing is, I don't regret all the pain through. I'm happy it's over, but it made me the great guy I am today. I refrain from bullying people, I don't accept the social flow if I don't believe in it, I'm intelligent, I work hard, I appreciate things, I have a great mental health and I think all of those things have to do with me having eczema. See, people who've never had it don't know how it feels. They will never appreciate the pain both physical and mental someone with severe eczema goes through. To them it's just an itch. But to us survivors, it's our lives. I'm just writing this for 2 reasons. 1. To tell my fellow eczema survivors that it DEFINITELY does get easier NO MATTER what the doctors tell you, no matter how little hope you have. Hold strong.

2. To recommend some things that personally helped me other than puberty, there are some things that helped me. First, Protopic, a cream, ask your doctor about this. I use it on my face, it does have steroids so be careful but I find it great to combat dry or flaky skin on your face (that's when it's so dry it goes white and when you rub it flakes of it fall off - eww, I know.) Second, a cream called elecom, also ask your doctor about this. I think they've changed the name to dipromosone or something like that, I'm not sure. Anyway, this helps the red bits of eczema on your skin. Just apply it to the red, sore bloody parts and it should help. Another thing, is tubifast bandages (Ask your doc about these too). How these work, they're just like sleeves, you put them on your arms and legs and they're tight (but still light and comfortable. They don't let dust or things like that get in contact with your skin but still let it breathe eliminating allergic reactions (even if your not allergic to things in the air). As a great combination, moisten these tubifast bandages in water and put them on, this will moisturise your skin. I think these steroid tablets the doctor gave me also helped but that's a decision you have to make for yourself because there are side effects (I began having mood swings while I took the steroid pills), they did help however. Another thing you can do is go on holiday to hot countries where the air is dry. The first few days will be like hell, your eczema might get real bad, but that's just your body adapting. Once this phase has passed, your skin will GREATLY get better, trust me. Swimming or going to the sea and in the seawater also greatly helps. As far as dermol moisturisers and those go, they hardly helped me, in fact I say in a lot of cases they couldn't aggregated my eczema. Use them if they help you personally, but try my solutions too. Don't let the doctors scare you out of things, that's what they kept doing to me, but in the end go by your instinct, measure the advantages and disadvantages of either treatment. P.S. Protopic may BURN LIKE HELL, For the first few days you apply it to your face but after a week the burning feeling should stop and you won't feel anything when you put the protopic on. Just cool your face if it gets really bad. Your face is just getting used to it.

I hope this post helps and I'm sorry it's so rough, if anyone ever wants to contact me personally about my story and talk to me about it in detail, they can feel free to ask me questions or message me and we can share contact details out of the experience project to talk further :) . I'm also interested to hear your stories too so contact me!
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Ya mine was terrible too until I had faith In God

wow. Your story is so inspiring. I am now 22. I used to suffer from eczema, not nearly as bad as you but it was still bad. I combat it by drinking aloe vera drinks from forever living. They are actually fantastic and natural so no need for steroids. I now sell these products because i truly believe in them and all i can do is recommend- if people don't like them, they get their money back , but i cant recommend these products enough. I can't help think that they might be able to reduce your eczema even though its managed. I say give it a try. http://www.440500003729.myforever.biz/store
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