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I was diagnosed with eczema when i was about 5. Doctors always give me ointment to put on my body but it doesn't help much. At age 15 i suffer from it to this day! I'll have perfect skin for a couple of days and then out of nowhere i get red, flaky, burning patches covering my neck, face, legs, and chest. I can hide my body from being seen by others but.. my face? Makeup doesn't help, it just makes me peel. I FEEL HIDEOUS. I'm so uncomfortable in my skin that i find it difficult to sleep at night. I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy. Does anyone know how i can not only relieve the pain but also clear up the red discoloration on my face? PLEASE HELP :( If you have any advice, suggestions or ideas i would appreciate it so so so much if you would share. Thank you :)
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I've had the same problem all my life. Im now 20 so i now go out in clubs where people stare or alcohol gets spilt on my which makes it worse. I have been to the doctors so many times i have lost count of the creams and ointments i have tried. One night it was so painful and itchy i couldn't sleep so spent the night googlein miracle treatments and found one! Its a cream called skin solutions from its amazing i ordered the sample size and noticed a difference the next day. I will never use another cream again! Hope it works for you to x

Ingredients: 1 oz beeswax
3 tbs of safflower oil
3 tsp hemp oil
2 tsp of avocado oil
1 tsp calendula oil
1 tsp peach knernel
5 drops lavendar

Heat a pan of boiling water and simmer then place a bowl with the beeswax and safflower oil in. Let the beeswax melt and then gradually add the rest of the oils. once mixed in take the bowl out of the water and put the 5 drops of lavendar in the solution. stir until it starts cooling into a cream mixture.

Keep it refrigerated, I always use it as a face mask at night when it is bad and also use it as a wash. please try it my recipe does work for me and my husband.

I know how much eczema hurts and how common it is especially in children so I would like to share my recipe please inbox me messages if any questions or feedback

All the best, God bless

Please try the aloe vera drinks and the bee propolis creme. I am also an eczema sufferer and these products have worked wonders for me so now i sell them!!! I am just flabbergasted by the effects and if you don't get any benefit, you get your money back. Obv its your skin and your choice, but i can only recommend this because its helped me.
If you have any questions- please email me
Really hope i can help you and would truly be happy to :)

I know how you feel, I'm in exactly the same boat. Its like in P.E i never where shorts as I'm afraid people stare. I wish it never existed.