My Daughter's Eczema Changed My World

I had minor eczema as a kid. It was very minor and forgettable.

My daughter was born about 18 months ago, and her having eczema was a whole different thing. First, I knew that she got it from me, from the family tendency, and I felt horrible. Hers was not so forgettable.  She has raised red bumps on her cheeks, neck, sometimes arms, butt and legs. She itched and was uncomfortable. It is so horrible to see a baby itching.

My wife was quite upset about it and wanted to bring her to a doctor.  That was normal and understandable, but that made me nervous. I knew that doctors could only really offer meds, and I did not want to start my infant down that path if it was not necessary.

I am an acupuncturist and herbalist. I am not against meds, but I prefer to use them as a last resort. They have their benefits and their risks. I did not want to take any undue risks with my baby.

My wife agreed to give me a month to figure out an alternative. I set to work using my herbal training and looked into traditional herbal formulas for eczema. Even with herbs, I did not want to put more on my baby than absolutely necessary.

Eventually I came up with a simple effective formula and tried it on myself and my wife. It was just beeswax, olive oil and 3 herbs, no colors, no fragrance, nothing else. You can not imagine my joy and relief when it started to quite and resolve my daughter's symptoms.

It worked so well that I shared it with patients and colleagues. I got so much amazing feedback from them that I ended up incorporating and launching a company; Emily Skin Soothers.

It is such a strange turn of events. I never planned or anticipated launching a whole new company and having to become a president, salesman, manufacturer, of an herbal product. It is amazing what children and love can inspire.

Now I interact with people with skin issues on a daily basis because of our products and website. It is extremely rewarding to offer a product that is simple and effective and to hear back from parents or adults who have gotten relief from our products. I realize how profoundly skin conditions can affect people, their personality, their quality of life, their confidence. I can only pray that I will be able to continue to help my own daughter and others to be less affected by skin conditions. Eczema changed my reality.

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2 Responses Aug 7, 2007

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Nice to hear your daughter is doing great and I would looooooove to try your product :)