Blogging Helps.

Though I have already shared my story here, it doesn't mean I've stopped having my disorder. I still feel the need to get all the pressure and anxiety off my chest and the one way I've discovered really helps is blogging on this website.
I'm not looking for attention, but it really goes above and beyond just people understanding the story behind it all, but makes me believe people can relate to what I go through daily, and that's all I ever wanted, was to know people relate to me.
Especially since with EDNOS until this website I didn't know anyone with the same disorder as me, when so many focus on the big 2 (anorexia/bulimia).
Maybe I just need a support network? I dunno. But I guess by posting this once again, I'm guessing if anyone can relate to me, in needing things off thier chest in one way or another.
Itisreal Itisreal
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012