I Have Type 3 Too!

I have EDS type 3 and haven't been able to find any solution to manage the pain short of sitting next to a friend that's smoking a certain plant he shouldn't be... Trouble is i'm rather stubborn and although I know it will stop my pain for a good few d i'm too scared to start using it myself though I know it works with no side effects when i've had secondary smoke.
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1 Response May 13, 2012

What you need to do is start by trying to take supplements from the vitamin store. Concentrated Cherry juice or Cherry extract is a miracle worker for imflammation, and also you can get collagen supplements that come in the form of a powder that seem to be helping me. Also Ibuprofen and naproxen work good as well. <br />
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I know how you feel about tryin an illegal substance to ease the pain. I have never used it myself but I do know that Jim Beam works miracles for pain as well, but they are just putting a band aid on the problem and will lead to alot worse issues than you are experiencing now. <br />
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Take my advice, try supplements and actually low impact exercise like Yoga actually helps to believe it or not. Also I see you are young, take it from someone that is older and experiencing great pain go ahead and get your education so you can use brain to earn money and not your body. EDS is bad on the body but does not effect your brain.