On The Train

I am from Germany but my girlfriend is American.
So after we hadn't met for a while (her in the US, me in Germany) she did fly over to visit me and I picked her up from the airport.
We took the train back to my place, which took about 2,5 hours, so we were really horny as you probably all can imagine and she kept rubbing my **** through my pants.
She loves scouting for my hard **** inside my pants and once she finds him (she always does) she will keep rubbing him and playing with him wherever we are.
She especially likes to do it in restaurants, around her parents, etc.
We were sitting in a part of the train were always two people sit on one side and people can walk through the train in between.
we were sitting in the back but there were lots of people in front of us.
also the door behind us could've opened any time, with new people coming into this part of the train.
eventually she took out my **** and started blowing me, I used her jacket as a cover but it was soooooooooo obvious.
Eventually I came inside her mouth and being the good girl she is she greedily swalloed it all down.
However some of it leaked out of her mouth because it was so much, and it hit her jacket and ever since thenshe had a nice *** spot on her jacket that reminded her of me.
she also blew me in dressing rooms, I ****** her on the couch while we and her parents watched a movie, etc.
I will write more later.
awehm awehm
22-25, M
Dec 10, 2012