My First Concussion

A few tears ago, I was invited to go barhopping downtown with some friends. What they didnt know was that I had a bad drinking problem, and once I start I cant stop. I was so drunk I could hardly get out of the bar. I got to the parking lot and desperately had to pee. I crouched down beside my car and went. But I was so inebriated, I fell forward full force on my face. I had scraped all the skin off my forehead, broken my nose, got two black eyes, some cuts and a very swollen face. Not to mention the concussion.. The next morning I got up, put lots of concealer on and went to work for 9 hours. After work I was in so much pain, I went to emergicare and told them I fell off a 4 wheeler with no helmet. My face was a very sore sight to see and people were horrified.
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

wow... maybe should try to wearing a football helmet when your drinking next

All joking aside... not sure anything other than stopping drinking would help.

I am amazed they let you work at all!

No kidding but I was the boss and never missed work.