I Have A Good One For You Guys, Ima Make It Very Short Tho

Ok so I was about 8 or 9 years old. My mom still dressed me and she was upset at me for something, I do not remember what. Was running late for this summer camp thing I was signed up for and she just snatched some cloths up and threw them at me... well... The shorts were my moms short shorts and when I complained about the shorts being tight she just kinda blew me off and sent me straight there in those tiny *** shorts... I remember the lie I came up with. "O these are a smaller pair of shorts from when I was younger" And thank god my peers bought that crap. Not sure why the adults there didnt say anything but meh. Then my aunt came to pick me up and when she saw me her jaw dropped and 1st thing come out of her mouth "Boy why in the hell are you wearin coochie cutters?!?!?!" I told her what happened and she drove me straight to my moms and gave her an ear full. >_>;
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Talking about coochie reminds me. When I was about 8 or 9 we had several families of friends and we went out for a picnic where there was a river, and we kids swam in our underwear. There was an American boy there, I remember, with red hair and a whole lot of freckles, he said to me, "I can see your coochie." I had no idea what he meant but I didn't want to ask, but another girl told me, and I saw that my panties (probably thin cotton) were sticking to me and giving a very clear outline of my vagina. It didn't bother me, but the boy was none too clever either! He wore big old-fashioned underpants with a slit down the front, and a few times it gaped open to show his penis. I was very puzzled that it was very white and had no freckles at all, but I was never a troublemaker so I never said anything.

Lol this story really made me laugh :)

Hahaha.. that's unfortunate for sure! Way to be though making it work on the fly.