I Could Feel My Face Drain.

I was only about a little over age 4 at the time. I had another sibling who several years older than me, we had the ususal times that kids do but when it came to school, obiviously I didn't go, and this was in the 1950's so no preschool or any of that. Instead I played with my toys, there were hardly any kids my age around, there was one though and she discovered my secret. Came over  with her Mum one day it was kind of like a Spring day. I was up in my room playing-Tootsie Toy cars, plastic cars and the like. She came up the stairs--she was fair complexion and blonde hair and came into my room and then she saw it.  She looked at it and said although to me it sounded like a million scream outs--"You're in a Crib!" I remember having unusual sensation of feeling like the blood had all drained from my face, I never forgot that sensation --it stayed with me. I think I just smiled very weakley and and went to playing with one of my cars. She played for a while too and then left. Still that was a new sensation to me and for many years if anyone said anything embarrassing about me or anyone else I could feel myself drain. Now-a-days I'm just an old dog and I just don't really care anymore--if I did I sure wouldn't be posting myself here on EP! For the record, some kids mature faster and our Family Doctor felt I was maturing at slower rate--I was tested eventually at school and found to be a "Delicate" child. My First Grade teacher wrote out my report card, which I still have and made some really fateful notations that later in life came true as molding me as a person. (See my Stories) Still I wonder....I don't think it would have matter whether was a crib or bed there for inside of me I just starting albeit ever slowly igniting the stars of my innerverse and weird and wonderful combinations were taking place. Its called growing up. It happens to all of us and we each have our twists and curves whether we admit to or not, it makes us who we are. I did graduate from the crib to a bed that Christmas and I thought I was ready for, although I really cried at, Kindergarten. I was introverted and found that my own company I enjoyed the most. Few friends today but I am BFF with myself. My life has been anything but dull and the journey continues......................
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An update....Talking to some younger couples and they are telling me how their 18 month olds to two year olds routinely "escape" from their cribs. Some of the stories are really funny--catching an escaped "Con", going over the fence and even one of trying to get the dog to get in and so forth. I was content in mine although I would have liked to been not in it early on Summer evenings. Being 4 and still in it was not the norm but then again some kids matured at a slower pace, I know I did. Raise your kids, love them, treat them fair, and hopefully they will repay you in both character and love.

Thank you for sharing that story of courage and self acceptance.

Thank-you for noting this story. We all have our own idiosyncrasies and that is what makes us--us. Being little, that is your whole world and you really never expect it to be upended like that. At 4 you haven\'t really haven\'t had your world set up yet, some things were evolving and others were settling in to being. As I said it was a matter of how fast we mature and how well we ourselves are prepared to handle it. It really was and is no big deal and there are probably kids today going through the same things but they will pull through. It is perhaps an early \"testing\" to see how we will handle things--I don\'t know that for sure, just venturing an opinion here. It was a long time ago and many more significant events have shaped my life but it all started somewhere and for me it was the crib situation--really not a situation just a happening. Life goes on and so shall I. Blessings.

I believe in reincarnation,only advanced souls choose lives of great trials because they can handle it,to learn more strength,to gain more insight,you chose this life for a reason,you knew what was awaiting you and what you would be facing in this particular life.