Don't you hate when you just can't get those embarrassing moments out of your head? UGH! This is one of mine.

I was in 7th grade and was best friends with this really cute blond haired, blue eyed boy. We'd been friends since I transferred into his school in 5th grade but it took me till 7th grade to develop a crush on him. This was a true problem because even tho we'd been friends for so long, I would now say the dumbest things and get tongue tied for absolutely no reason. A prime example of this happen was one Friday when he came to school having shaved off all his beautiful hair. Since we were indeed friends, I gave him **** about it all day. :) Telling him how dumb it looked and how we couldn't be friends anymore b/c he looked like a Neo-Nazi now (all in good fun of course).
Anyways, we rode the same bus home and were laughing about it until the bus came to his stop. He got ready to get off the bus and while walking down the aisle he turns around to say goodbye and that I owed him an apology tomorrow for being a **** about his haircut. Like the idiot I am I meant to yell up to him that all I owed him was some hair (lame comeback i know, but I was 13! Gimme a break, ha). Unfortunately, it came out as "All I owe you is some head!" ...LMAO (sure I can laugh about it now). FML! Everyone on the bus heard me and they died laughing. All I could do was sink all the down in my seat and pray for death. LOL! I was a very dramatic child. It didn't help that I had all weekend to replay it over and over in my head . Or that my older sister was also on the bus and heard it. She thought it was the funniest thing in the world and would not let me get over it for months. -_-
ConfusedInCollege ConfusedInCollege
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Jan 13, 2013