Summer Break.

During the summer, I used to sometimes stay with my auntie in the country, the only thing was, she has 2 girls, and would insist on bathing us all together just before bed, the first time I stayed, I begged her not to make me share the bath with the girls, because I had never even seen a girl naked before, well by the time you go back home, you will be used to it, and used the female body, the most I had ever seen before, was when a girl pulled her panties down to pee while us boys watched, no matter how much protesting I did, it was to no avail, she dragged me into the bathroom,with the girls, and just ******** me naked, I covered my bits, but when she started washing me, she pulled my hands away, and was slowly washing my gradually hardening ****, which they all saw, I watched to girls *****, and climb into the bath and they stood there waiting for their turn to be washed, my auntie even pulled my skin back to wash my dome, with her fingers, once it was all over,we all got out of the bath, and put on our night clothes,and went to bed, although I couldn't sleep at first, because I was still hard.
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Jan 20, 2013