When I was a young boy about 10-12 I went to a endocrinologist to check my bone growth. She checked my hight weight and then measured my penis.:(
She pulled it by the head and stretched it to the side on my leg and measured it (very small by the way :p ) that was embarrassing to say the least. But the worst part was that my mother was seated in the room :( the entire time lol
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Depending on where you live, that can seem kind of invasive and creepy. Why would penis length matter anyway when measuring growth anyway? Just curious

That's why I'm worried lol :/

Depending on how long ago this happened, I can tell you this much.
When I was 9 (1974) the average age for puberty to start was 11for girls and 13 for boys.
I started early and had all manner of weird exams by countless docs.
I wondered if docs are now gathering data on such things?