I had a young mother... Actually my mother was 13 when she became pregnant, and 2 weeks after her 14th birthday I was born. As if that doesn't leave you mind to ponder multiple embarrassing things I've endured throughout my childhood.... Try this one on for size!
When I started developing breasts, and just FYI little girls start by getting hard knots (idk what they are actually called) under their skin/ nipple... And because my mother started with pregnancy and never experienced this you can imagine how this played out the way it did! So I will continue to explain, they are painful! And one day I was expressing my discomfort to my mother, pointing out the "bumps under my nipples that hurt really bad" looking to her for a logical explanation of what it was and all that normal momish babble, instead she totally FREAKED OUT! Called my dad at work, of course he didn't have a clue. So she Immediately rushed me to the hospital ER hysterically convinced it was breast cancer! OH MY GOSH! I was so embarrassed when the doctor explained to my mother that it was just me entering into puberty, and she should start looking. Into training bras....
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Yeah.. We do mistakes with our children even in our late 20ies. It came from a good place though.

my son got his girlfriend pregnant at 15 so not only did we have to worry about that but in my country its against the law to have sex with a under 16 and he was 17 at the time but she had a boy when she was 16 and he got away with it

That is so irresponsible of that boy for doing like that