I was about 10 when this happened, so I think it still counts as a "childhood memory." I had an appointment to see the dentist, but my mother said we either needed to reschedule or needed to confirm the appointment time. So, wanting to feel independent I called the dentist. I had a short, but informative conversation with the nice woman that answered. Then, about half an hour later someone calls in from the office telling my mother I was talking to their voice mail!! It was terrible, I was so embarrassed. Apparently while the message is playing, their machine records so they had the entire conversation on recording. I was so embarrassed. Strangest thing though, because I could swear I was speaking to a real person.

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Hahahaha aw....I bet the office workers had a good laugh!

Most answering services will respond to what is said. Its not uncommon to think you were talking with a real person.

lol you can never tell anymore they all sound like robots to me!