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The Difference Between Male And Female Equipment

  I have always been the curious child who doesn't take usually take no for an answer. If you had told me no, I would want to know why or at least find the answer myself if one wasn't forthcoming. I don't think that I might have embarassed my adoptive parents much out in public but I certainly did make a commotion on my own.

  Fortunately I cannot quite remember how old I was when I somehow tripped over the fact that guys are able to urinate standing up while girls of course have to sit down. Of course my mind was wheeling through the fact while wondering what was really the big deal that allowed them to stand up on this event.

  And so there was a day when I was going to **** like a guy and prove the world wrong. The day came when I had to use the bathroom and no one was around so I chose to try my fortune.

  Quietly shutting the door, I turned around while pulling my pants down and stood at the edge of the toilet. And then I let it flow. Unfortunately nothing hit the target as it jumped off the seat and hit the floor as well as the walls.

  Humiliated I quickly pulled up my pants and made a dash from the bathroom to the shelter of another room. Fortunately due to my younger siblings, my adoptive mother never did quite figure out who pissed all over the bathroom without cleaning it up and to this day I have sat down when I used the toilet lol.

Dormantdrakon Dormantdrakon 22-25, F 7 Responses Nov 15, 2009

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Good job! Have you tried peeing and standing since??

I tried to pee standing up when I was three. Thought I could straddle the toilet while standing. Didn't work

Haha nice. What about peeing in the shower?? Ever try that

Hahaha that is a fantastic story. Thanks. Girls can now buy a thing called a "Shewee". Google it. My wife has one. Great for the outdoors. She stands up, pulls her panties aside and off she goes. Your dream come true. And for young boys? A pingpong ball in the toilet. Gives them incentive to hit something other than the ceiling, and won't flush away.

I took a look at it. It looks like it might be great for an emergency, if your at a rock concert or somewhere where there are a gazillion unused urinals. It would be interesting to try, but unless you could get a bit of privacy, i don't see how your better off. Now, as far at the ping pong balls goes, that's a great idea. We tried wadding up some toilet tissue for them to aim at; not much better. I'm not sure why it is little boys can't pee in the toilet at home, when they can write their names in cursive in the sand or snow out peeing with their friends! Or dads!! Or even women around the corner!!!! Go figure.... Maybe its one of those doggie things. They're just marking their territory!!! LOL

If it's marking their territory then my boys are in charge of large tracts of land.

I worked with a woman once who had a Shewee. We were outdoors, there was no real cover to hide behind. She just wandered off a dozen or so yards, turned her back to us and went. All very seemly, nobody saw anything. Very impressive.

Precious story, you are not the first little girl to try and learn how to pee standing up the hard way. As far as boys go, rest assured, we have babysat little boys, and the pee isn't much closer to the toilet than you describe in you story. I think most mom do like us -- just put towels in the corner around the toilet and hope for the best. But little boys pee everywhere, so you just get used to it.... OBTW, you learn to be easier on men who don't put down the seat after your little boys pee all over everything within 'shooting distance' of the toilet..... LOL

The story about your son is cute Jojewel and did put a smile on my face. Apparently 4 years old is the limit of trying new things lol or at least trying to start to figure out life.

Your story is so cute rosedrakon, it made me smile! Now to answer you question, when my youngest was about 4(seems to be a magical age-lol) he put 2 oranges down the front of his t-shirt and proclaimed loudly that now he was just like mommy!

Well Jo it does help to know that I am not the only one out there lol. So now is the question - what do guys try to emulate from girls, if they try at all?