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Using Electro Stimulation On My Little Hubby Man

This entry reads like a technical report.  That is what I feel like writing now.  Since it is my blog that is what I will do. I wrote it in pieces and edited it often so it is even more lacking in feelings.  I may get to record my feelings about it or may not. This entry is not an advertisement or critique of a product but rather my report on how I used the device on my little hubby man.  The device is the Zeus Electro Stimulation unit. I also include commentary about the Penis Bands that can be purchased separately. The unit can be purchased many web locations.  I found it on Amazon.  A website for the product is

My research suggests that this is essentially a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) unit. However, I have no medical training. Consider doing your own research on TENS units.  The Zeus brand is marketed as a sexual item but it does not have to be used that way. The unit sells for approximately $130 but discounts and sales may reduce the price by 20% or so. It comes with pads that I have not used. The penis bands retail for $60 but can also be found at $40.   That is a lot of money for this item but it does fit into the unit.  The unit runs on 3 AAA batteries. I really like that battery feature since I do not have to be concerned with dangerous household current. I also had my little hubby man find and purchase an extension cord to allow me to further separate the base unit from the leads.

Attaching the Device
So far I have used the device on my little hubby man in this way.  Once I have him tied securely or fitted within a straight jacket I install one of the penis bands around his balls.  Inside each band is a metal contact plate that conducts the electricity to his skin. I connect the other penis band to the sweet spot on the back of his penis near the tip.  I am sure that we all know where that spot is.  I also add the extension cord that allows me to be as much as 10 feet away from him while changing the settings of the device.

Levels of Intensity
He is a bit used to it now, but the first few times I used it on him, he was standing up not ready for the shocks. He almost fell over. Now I start it on a low level of intensity.  The machine has 16 levels of intensity shown with 8 bars on the display.  One key stroke adds to the intensity but 2 key stroked are needed to show another bar on the display.  My typical run rate these days is 3 bars or level 6 out of 16 levels of intensity.  I may train him to accept more.

The unit has different patterns of shock.  I can select one or allow the unit to go through all the patterns automatically. The unit runs for intervals or 5, 10, or 15 minutes and then completely shuts off. I really like this feature since I can set it to torture him and then leave him to moan on his own.  Fifteen minutes later everything stops.

A session
My current approach is to lie him down in a closet, cuff his ankles together, and add a knee strap.  This immobilizes him.  I then take the base station outside the closet.  The extension cord allows me to do this easily.  I then lock him in the closet and start to play with the settings on the device. His moaning in the closet provides me with a lot of fun.  I run him through the cycles and at times push the intensity up or lower it just to make him moan even more.  Sometimes I go into the closet to watch his squirming.
I know that he must be feeling some pain. At each change of pattern or increase in levels of intensity, I hear plenty of hard moans and grunts. His body jerks o hard that I can hear him pound the floor or closet wall with his feet.  He does not get erect from it. I may just keep playing with it until I can get him erect and cause an ***********.  I will be working on that.
When I let him out he is quite submissive and will take even harder pain, or clean my house, or provide me sexual attentions as I command.  He reports no continuing physical changes once the unit is off. He has no residual pain and no marks.  When I use riding crop or cane on him I leave marks on him.  Often I re-start the device after a 15-minute cycle and run him through 2-3 cycles each of 15 minutes. Since I do this from outside the closet, it surprises him when I restart the device.  This adds to his moaning and writhing.
Now my Feelings
I am surprised that I enjoy this sadistic ritual so much.  I am in complete control.  I start it and leave.  It shuts itself off.  I come back to restart his pain.  I move up the levels of pain intensity just to hear his moans, grunts, and sometimes his screams. I was feeling guilty about being sadistic but I enjoy it. I like the feeling of controlling him. Maybe condition and training him is a better word. It seems that the more I do sadistic things to him, the more attentive he becomes.  Sometimes he is too attentive, so I just tell him to go away and he does.  Yet on command or even without my prompting he can take over most any situation.  Men who cannot take control do not interest me. I want to know that I have a man worth controlling and not just a weak pile of male flesh.

It is clear that he really enjoys the extended duration of these types of sessions.  I really wonder how I will feel if I move up the levels of intensity from 3 bars.  “How much can I handle?” seems more important than”How much can he handle?”  Responses from other dominant women on this question would be appreciated. 

AberrantGoddess AberrantGoddess 66-70, F 35 Responses Oct 13, 2010

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If anyone has any questions about the total use of a TENS device, the following may help to answer them. I'm afraid it reads like an academic article, which means basically, that it is long winded.

The TENS device is the ideal way to punish a male for sexual misbehavior and offenses.
The underside of his penis is the center of his sexuality and this is where he should learn his lesson.
He feels his pleasure there so it makes sense he should feel his punishment there.
The aggressive male sexual urge needs taming and control by the female so she can train him to direct his sexual urges toward her.
The male has a built in need to spread his seed around as much as possible. This conflicts with the female's need for loyalty and stability so that children can be brought up properly.
Another device that is used in conjunction with the TENS is the Checkmate ***** test kit.
This is available online.
If the female hasn't had sex with the male for a few days, and his penis tests positive for *****, he has either ***********, or cheated.
To determine if there was cheating involving sexual intercourse this can be answered by testing the base of the penis
and the lower abdomen, since intercourse would cause ***** to spread to those areas.
The best way to retrain the male's sexuality with the TENS is to schedule multiple sessions, say twice a week for at least a month or two.
If the male voluntarily confesses to cheating, it will demonstrate his willingness to be retrained, and could be considered that he is showing his love for the female and also that he wishes to undergo the pain of retraining because of his love. A male can still be in love with the female and also cheat. That is why the female must use the TENS to redirect his sexuality toward her.
The female should understand that although this sounds contradictory, the cheating is caused by the aforementioned built in need to be polygamous. A look back in time to prehistory, will show that females have used techniques to control male sexuality since "day one".
It is also important that the female enjoy the process of retraining the male.
Controlling a male's penis is a sure route to sexual satisfaction for the female.
It is a built in desire in females to enjoy administering pain, particularly to males.
Her arousal during a TENS session will give her extra motivation to "make sure" the male hurts enough.
Then there is the element of surrender. When the male surrenders to the female, he is showing his love for her, and also opening himself up to let the punishment flow into him.
Experiencing his surrender will cause the female to feel love and arousal toward him, and this love and arousal will stimulate her to give the male even more pain and control so that the process works as well as possible.
I doubt there is a female who wouldn't be considerably turned on by the knowledge that she is hurting his penis so as to make him more loving toward her.
Hurting him can also help relieve her of her hurt feelings at being cheated upon.
The only problem this writer has with this system is that he has failed as yet to find a woman who would embrace it and be willing to participate. This can be solved by messaging myself and simply suggesting a time and place. ;)

And now I'm in trouble as my wife has just caught me reading this post.

I hope that she enjoys playing hard with you. Have fun!
Aberrant Goddess

She has me polishing her favourite strap just now and is monitoring this site right now.

This was fantastic, do you still do this to your man?

Frequently. I have fun doing this.

have you tried the sounding rods that are inserted in the urethra, you can keep him hard with those and then do the tens , he will probably shoot across the room , you rock AG

I have a battery powered shocker but I more often use chastity, it so gets their mind right.

The shocker - a stun gun or tazer? I want to get one for use on my little hubby man. They cannot be sold in New Jersey, so I backed away based on safety concerns. It is safe to use?
Aberrant Goddess

It is one someone gave me it does not have enough amps to hurt you, I put it on his leg anyway, never above the waist. I think it was rather expensive, a modified dog collar. He won't even notice it on 1 unless you hold the button down for a while, 2 gets his attention, 3 makes him say ok ok yes maam. It goes up to 5.

He is Lucky to have you Goddess

We have been playing like this for better than 20 years. We started off with a T.E.N.S. unit and bought an ET312B several years ago. I can go in to more detail if you wish but given that you asked for comments from Dommes I will only elaborate if you wish.


As a dominant female from India, I use the tens unit among a variety of other torture implements on my hubby, but I have introduced a variation or should I say an improvisation, wherein I connect the wire at the top to a sound inserted in the urethra, that way I am able to send an impulse throughout the length of the penis and the effect is much more lovely for me, then again I have found out that using the tens unit after a prolonged period of having denied him release results in a much more richer and creamier load when I milk him afterwards, I love the *****, but I love my submissive hubby and I would never hurt him except for his own good, which is to say to make sure he remains disciplined and subservient to females always

My compliments to a woman who instills such creativity in the training of her male. I am sure that he willingly and gleefully provides any and all of the services that you require. Well-trained males are great for housework as well as more personal services.
Aberrant Goddess

Hi many thanks for your warm and effusive words of encouragement, I believe in being strict for his own good, my domination style can be called lovingly sadistic where I create an atmosphere in which he finds himself in true sub space, driven more by his inability to gauge my response, that vulnerability instills the greatest fear in him, that in turn brings out the as we may call it "sum of all fears" the need to totally submit, that is what I enjoy the most,

knows the sum of all fears quite well. it does help perfectly order ones day

Thank you
It's nice to know the type of women I'm looking for really does exist.
Your husband is a very lucky man.

Actually my little hubby man wanted me to be dominant. That was years ago. I really enjoy being dominant. I am never going back. If women only knew what dominance can bring them, they would immediately be that way.
Aberrant Goddess

I don't think I would like your little machine

Your enjoyment would not come from the machine. It would come from the woman who would use it on you. >>>>> Aberrant Goddess

I think I should get myself one of those and call out of work !

A dominant woman could really make you squirm from the electricity. You would be at her mercy. I like little men at my mercy. >>>> Aberrant goddess

imagining ... and yes, my pleasure in all this comes from her delight .. i find my joy in her joy, no matter what i must endure in order to be more for her.

TY ma'am for the tip - your man is blessed with your service to him - k

I liked your story a lot, I will think about this.

Do not think about it, just do it! After a tough session he is always a devoted mean-servant and sex toy. It is nice to have one of those around the house. >>>> Aberrant goddess

You certainly seem to have a devoted entourage.
I suspect quality will always show.

I enjoy my entourage and apparently they enjoy me. >>>>>>>> Aberrant_Goddess

Hello Goddess,
We've played with electro-torture before, but I found the pain really rather "annoying", in that the charge flashed over my sensitive skin and felt very much like a hot pinch or a bee-sting. Really a very flinchy, stingy pain. Then we tried this:
We modified a dog's training collar and ran two leads from it. The first went to my big steel cockring. The other lead went to my PA piercing ring with a simple alligator clilp. Now, when my domme hit the button (we got a good model with long range and variable, very intense settings), the juice actually runs through my **** (along the moist path of my urethra) and finds it's way THROUGH my balls to the cockring. The difference is HUGE. With the push of a button, my whole **** gets juiced and my balls contort and get fried. It is EXTREMELY effective and painful. She gets to hold the button for 8 seconds before an automatic shut-off (I guess so you don't accidentally torture your dog), but she just pushes again. She has not exposed me to the highest level yet.

We love it. She has me where it out to eat or anytime she feels like embarrassing me.

Thanks for this. I actually bought a remote dog shock collar just for this use. I just must motivate my little hubby man to rig it the way you did. He is not pierced. My anlaytical little hubby man explains to me that it is the change in intensity that gets his attention. I use a changing electro pattern to provide indication of my power. The shock of an instant hit sounds like a good way to condition a man. Now I motivated to get my remote unit charged up and ready.
You should be a dedicated worshipper of her with each zap.
Aberrant Goddess

As I'm not lucky enough to have someone in my life to push any buttons I bought myself a dog shock collar. I am extra small size for the smallest of dog. You can actually fit it as a **** ring and place the contacts at the base of the penis or balls. It's amazing how much level 3 hurts on top verses bottom. Of course zapping yourself is a very poor substitute to having someone else pressing it who gets off on your pain. They say there is a someone for everyone so till then I keep looking. And enjoying the conversations I find here.
Thank you ladies

HI AG: <br />
<br />
I'll admit I first bought an E-stim unit for myself as Hubby is locked in Chastity for the foreseeable future. I use it with a Vaginal plug and can usually ****** within 5-10 minutes. It's an Eros-Tek 232 portable unit so I can take it with me shopping or wherever. <br />
<br />
Recently, I have started to use it on Hubby. I can't use penis bands as he is locked away, but I did get an anal plug for it and use that. I made a simple, locking leather harness to make sure it stays in and usually set the unit to either random or sound operated. It has a little microphone that varies the patterns and intensity ba<x>sed on ambient noise. <br />
<br />
Some times he is strapped down for a formal discipline session, but more often I take him out plugged and watch what happens when somebody talks to him, or just some noise happens. He jerks upright and spasms a little while he tries to not moan or whimper. The actual unit is taped to his back between his shoulder blades where he can't reach it. Often I walk behind him and give him commands like "stop here" "Walk faster/Slower" "Stop slouching" etc. talking into his back. Boy, does he stop fast! <br />
<br />
Last week we were having lunch and I waited till he was drinking his iced-tea. I spoke his name loudly and he spilt his drink all over his shirt. It made his bra more visible where his shirt stuck to it. Great fun and very humiliating to Hubby. <br />
<br />
We are having neighbors over this weekend for cocktails and a barbeque. I may have him "electrified" for it. If I do, I'll post something about it next week.

I applaud your success. The technique you use can be great for training. By conditioning your little man with shocks to do certain things, he may soon do them without the shocks - Pavlovian technique. While it was easy to arouse my little hubby man, it was tougher to get him to do housework. Now even without shocks, he does housework. That also turns me on.
Aberrant Goddess

Yes, E-Stim is a great training tool. I wrote a blog entry about training in general which is located here:
What I have found is training must be a multiple approach to behavior modification.

I think you said it very well when you said you want a man worthy of your attentions, not just a pile of sissy male flesh. My sub is in all aspects a functional guy, just totally under my thumb while alone together. I've never even heard of estim, let alone used it, but I will have subhub look into it for me.

LeighAnne,<br />
Your wife found as I did that it is just fun to play with men's minds and bodies. It is a sensual sport that I enjoy almost daily. I have conditioned my little hubby man now to accept longer and more varied stimulation sessions. I have also moved up to a TENS unit that has more power and options. When I do release him, he is very attentive and grateful, or maybe just scared of what I will do the next time. <br />
Thanks for your comment. Please petition your wife and read and respond here or elsewhere. We could share ideas in this area.<br />
Aberrant Goddess

Eyes,<br />
"sounds very interesting and erotic" - What a wimpy response! Think that one through again and post a new response with substance.<br />
Aberrany Goddess

LeighAnne,<br />
<br />
If your wife picks up a few tips from me, she might want to intensify your submission. It is fun to push past old limits.<br />
<br />
Aberrant Goddess

My dear AberrantGoddess, <br />
<br />
How wonderfully articulate and desc<x>riptive your post is, I could almost feel myself writhing and sqirming alongside your “little hubby man”. l. h. m. <br />
<br />
It is has always been my nature to analyze pretty much everything I do and I find it intriguing that you have taken the time to give us doting readers such an in depth picture of the pleasure you have derived from controlling your l h m so thoroughly. <br />
<br />
I have never had anybody use such an apparatus on me but I can envisage what effect it would have as some years ago I used to use something similar to stimulate abdominal muscles. Your l h m must feel very proud to have you as his wife, Mistress and Goddess.<br />
<br />
You ask for possible ideas should you tire of the procedure that you are currently using; perhaps the appliance could be adapted towards anal and or nipple stimulation/torture?<br />
<br />
Most respectfully yours,<br />
<br />
Judderbunny -- jon

Dear Goddess,<br />
Your writing amazing, your little hubby man the luckiest slave alive to have a giving and caring Dominant Woman at home to his own. Will you turn out to be Poly next so that many others will be able to share your Dominance. I'm glad we are friends so that I can learn from you how to be better Dominant to my little lucky slave. I'm ordering one of those for her today and I can't wait to try it on her and see the results, hmmm I will write and let you know.<br />
Sincerely,<br />

LeighAnne,<br />
<br />
While I am using the TENS-type device on my little hubby man, I have not tried to make him spurt for me. It is not likely that I could have that result. After a good long session, he is very motivated to serve me well in any way that I want. His service to me is my goal. <br />
<br />
The original Zeus unit described in my post in October 2010 stopped working after about 50-60 uses. Even my tech-savvy little hubby man could not get it to work again. I then bought an actual TENS unit and now use that. The current unit runs off a 9-volt battery. The actual TENS unit that I now use has more options for in terms of patterns of impulses to run and frequency. <br />
<br />
During most of the sessions, I just leave him to suffer and do some gardening or surf the web. Given his sensory deprivation, he does not know if I am there or not. After a while, I return and release him. After his release, sometimes I want sex but most of the time, I just want him to clean the house. After he recovers from the session. he does a great job of cleaning the house.<br />
<br />
These sessions have not become boring for me yet. I am not sure what I will do when they do. If anyone has ideas, please consider posting them here.<br />
<br />
Aberrant Goddess

A good read a good post, but all fiction.<br />
I do not believe any of it, all a fiction of your mind + you are a man, not a women.<br />
You are the kind of person that makes EP BAD. and leaves it with a bad name.<br />
Own up and delete your site, you are a total waste of space.

I don't really see what is so BAD about this post or its responses. It is like minded people sharing opinions but not forcing them on to other people like you seem to be doing

As a sub having my buttocks whipped is a great experience. it is only right that a woman should whip a man we are after all just here on earth to serve women. our balls and **** are where are brain is and need to be controlled

Aberrant Goddess, <br />
<br />
I wish my wife would treat me the same way you treat your husband. I remember years ago we purchased a hanson humbler which has the leads for an electrostimulus device to be attached. After using it a few times she's not much of a fan because it tends to cut off the circulation after 20 minutes or so and things become very cold from restricted blood flow, plus I had an accident when she attempted to lock it on as I was already in the KTB and prematurly ***********. She is mighty handy with the cane and has very sadistic tendencies, I just can't draw them out of her, she's feels guilty and it's a hump we just can't seem to get over. I wish I could put her in touch with you.

Briangee,<br />
You said:<br />
"would like to be on the receiving end of your attention my goddess - especially the electro stimulation and if i dont obey you would love to be caned"<br />
<br />
Electro-stimulation stops instantly but the bruises from a thorough canning go on for days and days. Be careful what you ask for, you may just get it!<br />
<br />
Aberrant Goddess

My email is Please forward it to her.<br />
<br />
Aberrant Goddess

She has several Tens units as well as some new types she bought a while back. I'm not sure of the names, and usually I don't get to ask much...just writhe when its on !<br />
We are 90 min from NYC in the Catskills. Its probably best if you speak with her directly.<br />
<br />
respectfully,<br />

NYsubmale4U<br />
<br />
What device does she use on your body?<br />
<br />
I live one hour drive west of midtown Manhattan.<br />
<br />
Aberrant Goddess