My Wife Is My Master

For many years I knew that I was destined to be the lower half of a marriage. I was never a leader, a commander, or a dominant figure. I wanted, and needed, to be some under some the loving direction and guidance of a good, dominant woman.

Finally, after a divorce, much angst, and no little personal exploration, I realized that I could only be what I was born to be. And, by great good fortune, I met my beloved Domina, Ivy Rigger.

Today, we live in a female-centric marriage. I am her contented househusband and she is the head of our family. I have taken her name and, indeed, feel that I am her subject. She rules me as my Lady and Master. I have vowed to love, honor, and obey her.

In some ways, our marriage is like any you'd see in a 1950s sitcom. Only, I'm the "little Mrs." and she's the leader.

I hope, someday, every man can know the bliss of being a submissive husband.
Clande567 Clande567
36-40, M
3 Responses Dec 28, 2010

You've got to obey and become a good girl. And good maid for your wife Eviedrag.

Oh I do try Mistress Catherine, and I love be the stay at home wife. I would love it more if she didn't get mad at me for my sissy dressing. She doesn't think it necessery. I just want to make her happy so do it when she is not home. Still! Okay I am her servant and will respect her wishes.

Gotta love a superior female, we sissy wives need lots of their tender care, well care anyway!

My husband to adopt it too. This was the condition for our marriage.