Finally, I Got Puked On!!!

I ve been into puke videos since I was 14... I m 26 now, & finally I ve had my fetish over & over again tha last 2 years... I m into any kind of vomit... But I prefer forced chunky thick puke... Like 20 min after stuffing urself.... Anyways...... Tha story goes..... I had broke up with my ex like 8 months ago.... She called all tha time to try & get back wit me, but I was enjoying my single life, so I never really answered her calls... I was watching vomit videos on (really degrading) & I wondered if I could talk her into somethang like that... She like sucking **** but, not deepthroating, or being face******....... She called one of tha weekends I was off, asking could she spend tha night... She said she did nt wanna get back in a relationship (cause she knew I wasn t wit that)... That she wanted to chill, get high, drunk, ****, & suck me...... I took that as my cue 2 ask... I told her tha only way we could, she had 2 get freaky wit me.... She said okay, freaky like what?.... That kinda ****** me up, because, she was down... now, all I had 2 do was tell her.... Well, I got scared 2 tell her that I wanted 2 force her 2 puke on me.... So, I just told her I wanted a REALLY sloppy *******.... lots of messy spit & slob all over my **** & balls... She said okay... I figured I d get her so high & drunk... And while getting tha messy bj, I ll push her head down till she puke over my ****...... She came over, we smoked about 2 blunts & ordered pizza... We started drinking... By tha time we was buzzing, tha pizza came.... She said she had tha munchies..(me too).. I let her eat slice after slice, getting good & full.... I rolled another blunt & we took shots of vodka.......WASTED!!... She was ready & so was I.... We ****** in different positions till she came a few times.... (i held mines)....... Then I asked her was she ready... She said yeah.... I got a towel 2 sit on & told her this was to catch all tha spit that drips off me, she was like thats cool..... She started sucking slow..... Making lil moaning sounds... After a few min she started spitting on my shaft evertime it came out her mouth... She wasn t deepthroating, just sucking tha head & spitting on it...( I m about 9 inches, not like a horse or nothing, but a okay size).... All tha spitting, slobbing & slurping she was doing on it as she got into it & speeded up turned me on.... I started humping & moving my **** a lil further down her throat... Bout half way down my shaft she started gagging... She kept sucking & gagging as I started moaning louder.. When she got half way down my shaft again I pushed her head down.... She let out a HUGE GAG......stopped...... & looked up at me, eyes teary & said u almost made me throw up.... I told her it felt so good & that she looked so sexy sucking my **** that way..... She smiled & started back sucking & gagging herself on my ****... I wasn t even humping no more...... I started pushing her head down again.... & her gagging got so much louder... Tha spit got thicker... Her moaning was crazy loud... She retched & coughed on my ****... She took my **** out her mouth (it was soooooo sloppy & wet).... Still jacking it.... Eyes teary & bloodshot red.... She looked at me again & said boy, I almost threw up, I had 2 hold it back.... I told her I didn t care if she did, it feel so good... She gave me a look like u nasty, laughed & started back sucking... when she started gagging from trynna deepthroat.... I started saying throw up on this **** baby... She kept deepthroating & I kept yelling it.... Then I heard a gag that sounded different... Kinda like a deep gurgle.... She paused.... With my **** half way down her throat..... She puked chunks of pizza & vodka all over my **** & balls... When she took it out she held it in her hand & puke gushed out again all over her hand, my ****, balls, & thighs.. It was so warm!... She did nt look up at me... Kinda looked down at tha mess & jacked it a lil..... She start sucking again slowly... Kinda grosses out, I guess.... But, maybe it turned her on when I was yelling it feel so good & to puke on this **** till I ***..... Before I knew it... she gagged & her body flenched up as sooooo much vomit flew from her mouth on me.... Tha towel I sat on was full of undigested pizza & vodka.....all on my ***, ****, balls, thighs.... She asked when was I gone *** cause vomit was everywhere.... & she ready to take a shower.... I told her to just deepthroat it & I ll *** faster (which is true)... But she could only go half way.... Well, she started sucking again getting deeper and deeper..... I ll never forget tha look on her face when she was deepthroating tha whole 9 inches... She looked like it was hurting her throat.... But she was gagging herself!.... Tears ran down her face... Snot ran out her nose.... Then she puked... But she kept sucking... As tha puke hit my nuts, her face did too from deepthroating.... She puked again with a loud gag & I started ******* in her throat........ To my surprize she kept going & started coughing on it wit in her hand.... She put in again & went 2 my balls & when came up she puked a few more chunks of food up... I then stopped her & told her already came... She said she didn t know I did (probaly cause I moaned loud all through it & all tha vomit on me)....... She cut on tha lights.... & could nt believe how much puke was on me & my bed... Mosty on my ****, balls, thighs, & under my ***.... She had that look like.... Eewwwww.... Maybe from looking at what she did... Or me liking it.... She got towels & help clean me & tha bed, then we took a shower..... This is a true story.... & this wasn t tha last time we did that... I ll tell some mo stories of me & her.... Oh, & no we did nt get back 2 gether, just stayed ****friends...... But yep.... I finally got puked on!!!!
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7 Responses May 14, 2012

Loved this, great read. ' I heard a gag that sounded different... Kinda like a deep gurgle'... Man that's when you've hit that warm oozing jackpot god do I miss it, I had three beautiful years with my ex, we would make sure she drank plenty of water and skipped breakfast for more pleseant results!

Anyway my problem now is not getting a girl to try it Well it kind of is I always get to the stage when they puke in they're mouths BUT SWALLOW! And it's too we'rd to just say ******* puke all over it, becasue you have to play it off as an accident to begin with, a beautiful accident I called it one that feels amazing. When they puke in they're mouth and swallow I often say 'let it out' sometimes preducing results but more often not.

MY PROBLEM now is that my girl HAS NO GAG REFLEX, which most men would love... But how can she puke if she doesn't gag!!!!!!

I am an 18 year old girl who loves to ********** to the sounds of people vomiting. If you ever wanted me to vomit on you while giving a blow job I would not hesitate but would ask that you vomit in my **** and let me enjoy some of the fun in return. I have never been vomited on but it is my dream I cannot tthink of anything sexier than that

Damn... sound like my kind of girl!!!

I'd love to.


im so jelous, upset an sad. its my dream to have a girl puke for me and taste it and u said it was thick and chunky too and it was pizza! :'( lucky *** man u should of tasted it thats my 2nd goal after i get a hot girls puke all to myself

sounds like the best bj ever!

Hell yeah you Did it dirty.

Congrats man hope I get that soon