Emetophilia (vomit Fetish)

Well for as long as I can remember Ive been into throwing up, particularly girls throwing up. When I was five or six I dared my friend to stick her fingers down her throat and throw up and she did. I can remember getting a certain kind of feeling from that and it felt good. I dont know why and since then Ive been into it. If I even thought a girl might throw up my heart would start beating fast in anticipation. I would keep looking at her waiting for her to puke. Now that Im older I find myself watching videos of girls puking. Its sick (no pun intended) I know. I just being honest here. The other day some kind started puking in the garbage and I wanted to stay and watch for some reason. I prefer girls throwing up but I think Im just fascinated with puke period. However, I dont like throwing up myself. Actually it quite worries me that I might, thats why I dont like trying new foods and if I know Im going to a theme park with roller coasters I wont even eat breakfast just to make sure I dont throw up on the rides.

I once threw up before school in fourth grade. My mom would make this soupy oatmeal and the texture was disgusting. It was like eating vomit. I guess on this particular morning my stomach wasnt having it and rejected it. I quitely excused myself and threw up in the bathroom. I was so embarrassed that I did that I didnt tell anyone. I think maybe there was more going on with my stomach than the oatmeal because my stomach was hurting all day after that.

I havent thrown up since fourth grade and Im trying to keep it that way. Ive had some close calls but no puke. The last time I almost vomitted was on the train a few weeks ago when I got naseaous all of a sudden for no reason. Its funny how when you think your gonna throw up you get hot for some reason. I was just hoping I wouldnt throw up in front of all those people. I was gonna get off the trian if I felt like it was really gonna happen just to avoid the humiliation.

I understand that wanting girls to vomit is not a normal attraction and that theres different levels of emetophilia. Just for the record I just like to watch nothing else. I dont want to smell it, taste it, or be vomitted on. Im glad theres a place where I can say these things and not be looked at like Im insane. Thanks for reading :-)
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I have a fetish for watching two girls eat eachothers vomit. I guess I'm a sicko :P

I don't have a puke fetish, I have a stomach fetish. I always wanted my stomach stuffed and then pushed on to see if I puke. And then while I'm pukung, my stomach squeezed.

Wow thats crazy i thought it was just me bro nobody knows but some one of my ex girlfriend an this one girl i use to talk to i liked puke from as long as i can think back

date a bulimic. eat your heart out.

and fyi, it's ******* gross in my opinion...but then again, i'm a "recovering" bulimic.

About oatmeal: In two of the Beverly Cleary books about Ramona ("Ramona Quimby, Age 8" and "Ramona and Her Mother"), Ramona had a moment of being sick and at that time she did not want to think about oatmeal. I agree that oatmeal has a disgusting texture and, aside from that, is like vomit.

I like to vomit myself rather than watch someone. It's a nice action somehow. In my case I wouldn't try to prevent it, as I used to before emetophilia. It happens naturally for me once in a while. I don't make myself throw up, I like to do it just naturally.

I don't like vomit itself either, just seeing someone queasy. Especially girls.

I'm into girls doing these things aswell. Also forgive me but it's refreshing as hell to see another black man close to my age into something similar. You look like a normal dude like me, but we have this crazy interest. Sex is already hush hush in the black community in the first let alone fetishes.