Now I'm Not Sure, But Here Goes

Here's my first story on this site of one of my recent experiences. I'm not sure if I should write this because it involves my experience with marijuana (I live in California, where the laws seem looser about it there.) But I remember clearly. I remember when eating a hamburger after getting doped up on its effects from a cookie, which was too much for me to handle, I could feel the food go all the way down as I swallowed. The onions burned and the texture of the meat felt strange.
But that's because my nerve endings were getting enhanced.
But not too soon did it come back up. I felt dizzy and like the ground I stood on was moving and tilting. I knew it would make me feel sick from a source I read. I went into the bathroom and kneeled on my hands and knees with my head above the toilet and began to heave. I texted my friend, telling what was happening to me. He recommended that I drink a solution with baking soda, but I doubt it would help the situation. I heaved and heaved more until some vomit came out. It was a light orange with some green chunks in it, possibly from the pickles in the burger. Afterwards, I felt as if I knew what seasickness felt like, as I kept feeling dizzy and like the ground was still rocking, I thought "if I didn't throw up on the boat my sister's wedding was on, then I will now." I also felt the sensation of heartburn.
I lay on the bathroom for, too dizzy to get up, as my friend recommended I lay down. I tried to tell him I must have ingested too much of the plant, which I was vague about, so he assumed I must have eaten too much food to the point of vomiting, once I told him how violently I was doing so.
I tried drinking water, but that just ended up irritating my stomach.
Not too long later, I'd be sick again (along with hearing audio backtrack, so my own retching sounded strange to me, in the same rhythm that a car backfiring sounds, even with some getting higher in tone as I progressively retched) For a moment I though I was going to spew out at both ends, so I dumped out the wastebasket to catch the vomit while I was on the toilet.
Nothing came out at the back end, but I did throw up some more, only after a big burp, which had an odor.
I realized how messy it was, after leaving a partially digested food glob inside the plastic bin, so I rinsed it out in the shower, and poured into the toilet and flushed it away.
My anxiety levels were rising, and as my mother heard my cries for help, she tried to calm me down.
I was relocated to the other bathroom, where I petted the rug to calm myself down. My face felt numb and like putty. My mom brought me some chocolate almond milk. Which I felt. I couldn't be able to handle the taste due to my senses being stronger. I doubted it would stay down, and sure enough, I was right. I told her I was about to throw up once again, and she left the bathroom, telling the rest of my family that it was the burger making me sick.
The brown of the almond milk showed up in my vomit, and the last of what I ate. I was emptied out by then, with nothing left inside me to bring up.
Now, this didn't feel so good when it was happening, but looking back and remembering now (which was three months ago), I thought it might have been interesting to share. I have vomited due to anxiety before, but that wasn't completely the case here.
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3 Responses Dec 3, 2012

i hope you don't have to eat a burger again to do that. i've vomited b4 and i know the hopefully you just get drunk from now on lol

yes, very nice - details are so enlightening. i wanted to delve only slightly as both ends
was encouraging and then i saw the author is ' into it ' and speak of colors and smells
so much for munchies from the herb...a callie boi

nicely detailed, thank you for sharing.