I Guess I Always Knew...

When I was younger I used to get a funny feeling when someone was sick. I used to try to get my friends to do anything to make themselves vomit. I, however, hated it. Even now, the idea of being puked on makes me gag.

In any case, you could say I was a late bloomer sexually. I didn't really figure out how to ********** until I was sixteen... But after that, well, it happened daily. Always to the sounds or videos of someone tossing their cookies.

But one day, I remember feeling really sick. God, my stomach hurt, I could feel it turning. I decided I wanted this over with, I couldn't deal with the lurching, the feeling of dread. My skin was completely pale, I kept swallowing back saliva and my poor stomach was gurgling. I hated it. So, I downed three bottles of water and leaned in front of my toilet. The contents of my stomach were still trying to escape, failing, though. So I stuck my fingers down my throat and gagged. From there, I would press on my stomach with each contraction.

It all came out in big gushes, I hadn't really eaten anything lately, so it was mostly water, and then a lot of dry heaving. I still felt like crap, but I was really horny too.
XblackwidowX XblackwidowX
Dec 16, 2012