My Strange Interest

I have been kind of interested in people vomiting and having stomachaches since I was a kid. I thought I was just into gross things. I like being a "doer" and a "watcher", meaning I don't mind puking (although if it's spontaneous, it may not be enjoyable at the time, but very enjoyable to think about and talk about later). I have at times felt very ashamed of this fetish and have kept it a secret from everyone in my life. I fantasize about having a partner who shares my fetish and all the adventures we could get up to! I would love to chat online with fellow emetophiliacs.
TheShadowGirl23 TheShadowGirl23
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4 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Are you in London by any chance?

I am also a lady emetophile who likes to chat about it. I've always been interested in watching or listening, though. Skype is a wonderful thing. I used to know a girl who would call me as soon as she knew she was going to be sick. I would answer most of the time, but if I couldn't, I would always be pleased to hear a long voice message from her. :)

I also like vomiting myself, later knowing that it happened to me, rather than particularly enjoying the act as it happens. Few emetophiles like to vomit themselves; they normally like for others instead to throw up. I'm glad to know someone else interested in the self throwing up. I like to get nauseous and then have to throw up, rather than make myself throw up. I get nauseous occasionally but rarely get the urge to throw up. A few days ago I was sick from the exertion of shoveling snow, actually nauseous for the rest of the day, but didn't have to throw up.

Where in the world are you located, if I might ask?