My Obession With Puke

At first, I was only in to gagging and spit, but at some point a couple of years ago, I started wanting more. What got me in to spit were the films produced by Satyr films involving reaming. I couldn't get enough of the stuff, so I found all sorts of reaming videos. Around this time I shared a room with my brother and a cousin, so I rarely had privacy. I also would get off of work at 11pm. I decided to start doing things in my car, where I could be loud and as sloppy as I liked. I would drive around until I found a secluded spot behind a building and go to town. I spit all over my **** and chest, and no matter how much spit came out, I still wanted more. I did gag, but I never thought about puking. Eventually I was caught behind a building one night by a cop. Luckily I wasn't too far into my session, although I did have my pants off. He was nice enough to let me go when I explained my situation to him, but I was so scared I have never done it in my car again (I do miss it though).
A year after that I moved away to go to college, again. Over the summer of my freshman year, my roommates left town for winter break and I was all alone. What was a boy to do? I started walking around the apartment naked, watching **** all the time, and doing whatever I felt like. One night, I wanted to see how far I could go with my spit. After watching plenty of films to fuel my interests, I put some towels down on my bed, quite a few actually, because I didn't want a mess. I then began spitting all over myself. It just wasn't enough. So, I thought, "What if I shove my fist in my mouth and let the spit drip out?" I consented with myself and did just that. At first, it was just the spit and drool that I was seeking and I wanted more. I shoved my fist further into my mouth and hit the back, where I began to gag. The feeling was nice, therefore, I kept at it. I puked a decent amount and pulled my fist out of my mouth. The puke slid down my chest and into my crotch, which drove me crazy. The bits of pizza that I had for dinner against my **** as I rubbed it in was exhilarating, not to mention the warmth. I lifted my hands up as I played with my **** and the puke, and I saw the strings of spit and vomit. I loved how long it would get as I pulled my hand away. I loved the gurgling sounds as I rubbed my ****. I puked a few more times after that, and I finished with a bang. As I lay there in my vomit, I felt disgusting and for some reason, I liked it. I fell asleep in my puke that night.
Since I had a few weeks left of vacation without the interruption of my roommates, I did it as often as possible. From using my fist I graduated to shoving my fingers as far down my throat as they would go. Needless to say I did a lot of laundry. During the summer break, when I was alone again, I ordered a ***** and began to deep-throat it.
I haven't had that much privacy since, and I thought it would be nice to give my throat a break. I still can deep-throat pretty well, as I found out during a drunken challenge to see who could down a banana furthest (I won). A recent video I found has sparked my interest in puke again. Gay puking videos are so scarce and difficult to find, I gave up on the search, but one came across my way and I couldn't get it out of my head. Now I'm obsessed with finding videos and maybe even someone to practice with.
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3 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Very hot, made me hard reading that. It's always interesting to hear how these uncommon fetishes begin. And yeah, gay puke videos are hard to find :( Lots of straight and especially lesbian ones on the net, but very few gay ones, grr!

Very inspirational and my deepest respect for your courage to share this. I am curious about which video it was that has resparked your interest to puke. Can you post the link?

Hey, that's a nice story you wrote, I wish i was there to witness it, I really enjoy seeing guys puke. What video did you see lately? Otherwise you should search for gag the ***, on or just on gag, there are some nice videos there. But I agree good gay puke videos are hard too find