I Hate Sick!

Im thirteen&afraid of anything to do with being sick. I cant remember exactly how it developed but theres a few occasions that really got to me.
 I was six years old, in year one. This girl in my class came into school with a stomache bug claiming she'd been sick five times the night before!!! Unfortunatly i had to sit near her in class....That night i got homee excited cuz it was halloween :) but then i began to get this really horrible stomache ache. A bit later i went upstairs to get a book to read to get my mind off it but before i had chance to get a book i was sick all on my bed. Must have caught the bug. Eww! So now for me, halloween IS the deadly&horrifying night it's meant to be. It's coming up to eight halloweens after and i still cant stand thinking about the night!
 Also the other occasion was when my friend came for a sleepover and the next day she was sick right infront of me just before we were about to go out. I spent the whole car journey freakin out wondering if she'd be sick again. Luckily she wasnt but it was on my mind the whole day while she just seemed to get on with it!
 Things began to get worse when i kept getting these stomache aches every morning at school in year three. I was always asking to go to the nurse&the school where quite concerned about it. After a while this got a little better...
 Then a year or so later we were going on a school trip&this boy was sick in the coach. The whole day my stomache was in knots and i was worried hed be sick again on the way back. I made sure i sat as far away from him as possible. After this i made up my mind that i was NEVER going on a coach again....
 Another school trip was coming around in a few months. OH NO! The daily stomache aches came back all over again and they finally got out of me that i was scared of going on a coach incase somebody happend to be sick. I did go on the school trip my my mum had to DRIVE me there herself :O I was glad she did because everyone was saying how the same boy had been sick on the way there. I felt relived.
 Some other things including being scared to go to the lunch hall cuz this girl had been sick there, not wanting to go to assembly cuz this boy was sick not wanting to do scince lessons becuz someone had been sick happend. Even when i got into high school i couldnt cope much better. In english someone was sick. everyone was disgusted. and the sound made me wanna cry. when the lesson ened i was the first to run out of it. And i always came into english scared as anything becuz being in that room where someone had been sick scaredd me. And when i had to sit next the the guy. Oh my godd! I was nervous as hell!
 So as you can see. Im really suffering from it. I nearly became a vegetarian becuz i was worried id get food poising. I still hate coaches. Dont want to go abroad to visit my family becuz i dont wanna go on aeroplanes. Refuse to go on rollarcoasters incase someone just happens to be sick. I dont know what to do :(
the strange thing is...the last time i was sick was that night of halloween when i was six. And im turning fourteen very soon!
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1 Response Aug 14, 2010

Hi, I'm exactly the same as you... I hate coaches and if I do go on one I make sure the person I'm sitting next to doesn't get coach sick and make sure I have music to listen to if someone is sick (I have made the mistake of not having and mp3 pla<x>yer/ipod on a coach and a boy was sick very loudly and on the way back I had no choice but to sit near him so I went to sleep so I couldn't hear him), I hate aeroplanes and boats and if I go on them I make sure I have music and a book so I can't hear anything, I hate hospitals cos thats where people are sick... I have become a vegetarian because of the worry of getting food poisoning and I never eat foods I've had before I've been sick and the last time I was sick was about 7 or 8 years ago. I went to my doctor and he referred me to a psycologist but I haven't seen one yet so I don't know if it will help.<br />
<br />
Its an awful phobia and I hope you find a way to overcome it :)