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I am 28 years old and my phobia has just gotten really bad in the last year. I have 2 children and that's what makes me scared most. When they leave for school everyday I make them put hand sanitizer on. They just look at me funny and ask "why"? It's awful to feel this way and to put them in the postition of being scared also. Every morning before I leave the house I spray everything with Lysol. I am sooo afraid of getting sick or that my kids will be sick. When someone says they don't feel well I start freaking out. Questions start running through my mind..."what's wrong" , "did I touch anything they did", "did I stand too close", things like that. Everyday I live in's hard to make plans for anything with the fear we might catch something and be sick at any minute. When I start feeling sick I stop eating and only drink water. I have gone several days without eating a meal just because of the fear of getting sick. I hate feeling this way but not sure if there is anything to help. I have gone to the doctor and do take medicine to help. However it has not helped a great deal. I just wish it was easier to not think about it.
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Hello, just want to tell you that I know how you feel! I have four children, (emet began after my children (all) caught noro.) I live in a 'bubble like' existance and every night around dinner time I start ' analysing them for signs. I don.t let them play at certain houses because the mum doesn.t follow the 48 hour rule and we absolutely don't do sleepovers. My life is insane and I hide it all from my husband (he who NEVER washes his hands). Anyway, I'm here if you need a shoulder (or some tips) :)

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