Someone Give Me A Cure For My Emetophobia.

When I was in 3rd grade, this one boy in my class threw up all the time! He always sat next to me and he was always getting sick. In third grade, I began to have dreams about throw up. They would literally be nightmares. I slept with my mother until I was about 15 because I was so scared to have dreams about it. I literally think about throw up every 2 minutes of every single day. I always feel like I am going to throw up. I always feel like someone around me is going to throw up. I know that many people say that it's all in my head, and it probably is, but that doesn't help the situation. Also, many people find throw up to be gross or disgusting. To me, it is nerve wrecking. I have panic attacks. When I was 16, my boyfriend was drunk and he threw up all over my basement and I got rushed to the hospital because I had such a bad panic attack that I couldn't breath. It's been such an issue for me. Every day, I wonder when the next time I am going to be around throw up. If I get cancer, I will NOT go on chemo. I would rather die than have to be sick all the time. I am in college and I do not party because I am scared of throw up. It is literally taking over my life. This summer, my parents wanted to plan a trip to Mexico or Dominican Republic instead of the Jersey shore but I said that I could not go because I am too scared of getting sick from the food or water over there. Does anyone have the same thoughts/feelings? Please tell me I am not alone.
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i am the same. my mum has a cold and im so scared that she will throw up i am praying to god that she wont. all i did was hear her get out of bed and go to the bathroom which caused a FULL ON panic attack and i had heavy breathing and my anxiety level went to thE ROOF. its been an hour later abd im still having a panic attck because im scared she will go to the bathroom again. one time i heared my mum cough and i thought she was throwing up so i ran to my room screaming and sat there in the corner covering my ears to hard that my arms where shaking for a good 30 mins. im so scared of the sound of vomiting it is abnormal.

I have a 2yr old son who has recently picked up a bug from nursery and it's only now that I've realised how bad my emet is. To not be able to comfort my baby was heart breAking!!! Not to mention the horrible sweat increased heart rate and struggle breathing I was also crying as I felt a bad mother. I had to take him to my nans for help. It's been a week and I'm still Waiting for it to happen. Every stomach rumble or hunger pang n I'm panicking and I'm off again. It's horrendous. I read other sufferers story's and feeling and cry with empathy. I'm seeing a hypnotherapist tomorrow £60!! I don't care tho I would pay millions to be rid of this life controlling phobia. I won't ever give up on finding a cure my goal is to be free of it n to comfort my son when he is ill. I don't want to pass this curse onto him either.

Believe me you're not alone in so many ways... I have panic disorder and every time I am around anyone who throws up around me--and i grew up with a brother that threw up ALL the time, I still don't really understand why that was. I absolutely am terrified of getting cancer because of throwing up, I don't know if I want to have kids because of it. It is a concern in any situation.

Your not alone! I am 12 years old I have been an Emetophic for as long as I could remember. It bothers me so much! I'm glad they have these support websites because I can't find anyone else who is Emetophic. My friends don't understand why I freak out everytime in a show or movie someone throws up. And I always get sick at night, I don't know why, so I'm terrifyed to go to bed! And I'm pretty claustrophobic too because when I'm scared at night I have to go outside to take breaths of fresh air. I havn't been sick for 5 months, so I guess I have a year or so to go!

My name is Madison, I have emetophobia and I hate it. I'm 14 years old and I've had anxiety my entire life since I reacted to cashews when I was 4. I don't suffer from fainting, anxiety attacks, etc. but I constantly feel sick inside just because of 1 fear, vomiting. There hasn't been one day in my life where I haven't thought of vomiting, but it doesn't haunt me in dreams, thank god. If I see someone throw up in real life, or even on TV I feel sick myself. I never throw up myself if I experience someone throwing up, but it just makes me feel horrible inside and it gives me the biggest fright. I currently see a cycoligist and she's helping heaps, I am refusing to take medication since I'm so young but I believe I can recover from this fear. I missed most of the school year last year because I was always worried I would throw up in front of everyone at school, but not once have I chucked in the last 5 years. The reason I'm allowed to stay home a lot when I feel sick is because my mother went through the same thing and she knows how I feel. I'm not a chucker as my mum would say, so why does it worry me so much?

You are absolutely not alone! I have the same problem and I'm 13. My emetophobia hasn't been as bad as some people, thank god, though. I go through certain periods of time where it gets horrible, and I don't leave the house OR eat. I just have moderately bad panic attacks even thinking about leaving the house. Right now I'm good, though. (knock on wood...) Not really good, but much better than I could be. The fear is still there. My sister keeps mentioning that the stomach flu is going around her school, which isn't helping my case. Needless to say, I've been avoiding her for the last week. <br />
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Anyway, I try to live for times like these. I know soon enough I'll go through a stage of bad emetophobia again, so I enjoy my life now. There's obviously no cure. I try to accept the fact that I may always have this phobia. That's something you should try, accept the fact that this phobia was given to you, and live for the times you're at least somewhat normal. The emetophobia will get better if you stop stressing yourself out about it. I used to worry and freak myself out ALL the time about having this fear. I thought I was some freak and I didn't leave the house for weeks. But when I accepted it and calmed down, it started to get way better. I'm so much better at dealing with it! My attacks haven't magically gone away or anything, but I now know how to deal with my feelings when I feel sick or anxious. And trust me, compared to what a mess I was last year, this change is AMAZING.<br />
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I'm not entirely sure how this site works, (I'm new!) but if you want I guess you can post back here? I'm totally open to sharing how I deal with all this, if it would make anyone feel better. Plus, it feels good for me to talk to someone who feels the way I do!