Runaway From Dinner

Hello All, I have suffered from Emets since I was 7 years old! it's been 21 years of my life. I can't stand the site, smell, sound, look of vomit can't be around people that are sick and take care of them, can't be around children coz they might vomit and won't go on a plane or boat.
Tonight I was out to dinner with some friends and had only been there for about 10 mins when I notice my friends son isn't feeling well, she said he was hot! then she tried to give him food and he didn't want to eat, then he was sooky and next min he is throwing up all over the restaurant behind our table where I was sitting!! I tried to keep sitting there, but once i knew what was going on, could start to smell it and hear it and my friend told me not to look, I had ot get out of there!!! I was shaking, stomach churning and fight or flight instantly came into play! I had to get outta there!! I left my handbag and my phone, so I had to get the waitress to go get it for me, coz no way was i entering the scene again! I told the waiter to give my friends my apologies and I sent them a text saying I was sorry. I felt humiliated and embarrassed and like a weirdo, but I had to get out of there!! I am so sick of this phobia and wish I could get over it!! It rules my life in so many ways!
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Thank you for your comment. Yep it was like DANGER GET OUT! it's terrible!! Thanks for the site link! Will check it out :)

Thanks for sharing your story. Been there done that. It is truly frustrating to not be able to control your fear. Your mind and body completely take control over any "rational" thought you have in your head. You see vomit and you body tell you "danger" and you automatically go into panic mode. What you described is a typical "panic attack" for emetophobics.<br />
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Have you checked out this website: ?<br />
Its a great source of information and support for folks like us. Check it out. They have some really great tips for coping with this phobia.