Living In Fear

I am 25 and I am living every second thinking about throwing up. My husband gets so mad at me because I ask him 10-12 times a day if he is feeling ok. I am always looking for bathroom or escape routes. I think if I need to throw I can throw up here if there is not a toilet available. I take anti nauseous medicine everywhere I go. Staying away from home is horrifying. Eating out if horrible. I check the bathroom food rating look around for the kitchen strategically order my meal. Its all I think about. All the time. I am having obsessive thoughts. I bleach my bathroom daily. I over cook all food. I do not drink pr take medicine unless I know it is safe. If someone is sick says they or their kids have been sick or even if I see a facebook post that someone is sick I go into panic mode. I cant stand being in constant fear. I am even too scared to get pregnant because of morning sickness and kids that inevitability get sick. I constantly look into statistics I have read books and think I am about to try hypnosis. Any other suggestions? I am living.such and do not know where else to turn. Please help with any suggestions!
ashleylynn122 ashleylynn122
Nov 26, 2012