Qustion For My Fellow Emetophobes....

Have all of you ever noticed and or experienced that us being emetophobes are almost constantly nauseous or feel sick ect..., but rarely vomit, while what I like to call normal people are hardly ever nauseous, why is this??? Is it due to the fact that this is what we fear most and constantly think about?? Ne input would be nice, thanks!
Calliebaby13 Calliebaby13
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Ya i noticed.. and read something about it .. don't quote me because i don not remember exactly but it was saying that people do not have emet get nauseous 3 to for 4 times a year!! and they puke on average every 1 to 2 times a year.. and people who have emet are nauseous on average.. it was somewhere between 240 to 300 days of the year! And people that have emet puke on average once every 10 years! CRAZY!! It sucks!! i get nauseous like daily! !!! Its just always in my head! Any time i eat. Anytime i go anywhere see people.. do anything. :( Its 6 in the morning i feel crappy and i just want to go to sleep! But i am so scared I am going to wake up sick! Sorry to change the topic But ya that's what i found out .. and i was so surprised.. i also know that a lot of people i have talked to or read that have emet are more scared of others puking when i am as well but i am way more scared of myself puking. It honestly scares me sooo much! Hope everything is well with you !!

Yes it is horrible!!!!!! I feel sick daily and latley my anxiety and emetophobia have been horrible! That's why I have been MIA!! I've even had several gagging dry heaving episodes because my attacks have been so bad! I really feel like a prisoner in my own head and I can't get out, I keep trying to remember the good days and how to get back to them..... this is a living hell!!