Nobody Understands..

I'm well aware there are other people in this world that have the same phobia as I do. But for those who DO NOT have emetophobia, I feel as if they don't understand what I (and other people) go through in a situation like this. My family gets irritated with me and tell me to get over myself. My friends and peers think it's funny to "fake puke" or do anything that is associated with throwing up. I remember puking alot when I was younger (3-5 maybe) and back then puking really never seemed to bother me. I would puke and move on with my life. I can't remember exactly when and how I developed this horrible fear. I don't like being nauseous, I don't like puking, I don't like puke, I don't like seeing other people puke.. Obviously I don't want anything to do with puke. I can't even tolerate being around someone who claims their stomach is upset (regardless if they're nauseous or not). Theres also times where someone will make a sudden movement or sometimes even cough and I freak out. If somebody is throwing up and I know that it is not contagious in any way, it doesn't have that much of effect on me. If I know it's contagious, I go crazy. If any puke related activity happens and I'm around to witness it, I run away like a little girl and find some place to cry. Once I start crying it usually ends in me having a panic attack and I literally feel like I'm going insane. Over the past years I feel like this fear is growing consistently worse. I find myself staying at a friends house or locking myself in my bedroom without coming into conact with anything outside of my room. Only a couple days out of the week I feel healthy and fine.. I spend the rest of the days feeling "sick" and associating with a symptom that could be related to the flu. I have not thrown up since I was 8 years old. Unfortunately, I tend to get nauseous alot and always fear that I may throw up but never do. I am a completely normal person, however, emetophobia is something I feel as if I'll never be able to overcome.
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Hi my names Mel. Everything u have said is exactly what I'm going through. No one takes me serious. Its so embarrassing and I feel like its going to stop me having children in the long run. I have never met anyone with this phobia! I'm really worrying right now as lots of people I know have got sickness bug and I'm so scared I'm going to get it x

thats painful. but sweety tell me how i can help. im a doctor who can prescribe medcine. see me in my clinic which is my home