Emetephobia Is Ruining My Life.

Hello I'm 13 years old and I am suffering from Emetephobia. This phobia has started since I was 9 years old so about 4 years ago. I don't remember exactly how my phobia started but it has affected my life so much, living in so much fear, not having that peace of enjoyment of life. I remember in 1st, and 2nd grade I would see kids throwing up all the time in my school but it didn't affect me. All it really was, was like "Oh well." I remember though in 3rd grade elementary this girl in my classroom looked and acted not so good. She looked tired, laying her head on the desk. So after lunch and recess we go back to class and right when class starts the girl starts throwing up all over the ground. She starts running to the trashcan and was actually dragging all the puke from her mouth while she was running. It was disgusting! The smell was horrible. The teacher called the office for the cleaners. I was like "They better get here ASAP" They freakin took forever! I started feeling sick, and nauseas. I was getting scared and my heart beat started raising. In my head I was telling my self not to throw up. After a couple of the minutes have past ANOTHER kid throws up. He's was like "Teacher, i threw up". The puke was all over the paper that he had and on his lap! At that point i thought i was going to throw up. I told the teacher if i could go get a drink from the fountain and she said yes so i ran like if i was going to throw up. Luckily i felt the puke go down. When the cleaners arrived I was SO HAPPY. I actually smile and said "YES". So yeah i got a lot more stories but i thought i would share that one. I recently had a stomach virus and threw up 4 times in 1 hour. The first one i didnt make it because i was too scared to walk. I'm even scared to go to parks with rollercoaster because i keep on thinking that i will see throw up. I'm also terrified of drunk people, and people that are sick from a virus. I will not steak that has a little bit of red in it because i think that i will get sick from it. If i see that milk is on its expiration date even thought its still good, I will not drink it at all. I also think that someone will throw up at school too. Like one time a girl went to the trash can to spit out her gum, it looked like she was going to pitch over some vomit! I felt my stomach drop, and my heart stop. If my friend says that he has a stomach ache, i immediately tell him to go to the office to tell them to go home. So yeah this is my experience with this damn phobia, hopefully there's something that can overcome it. Thanks! From Johnny.
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It's been a while since this was posting, but I've been struggling with this too for a long time. I've stopped going to school and things have gotten pretty complicated.. I'd love to talk if you'd like..

I completely understand what you are going through, I am also 13. And I have had emetophobia since I was about 3. About two years ago I completely lost it and couldnt even leave the house. My mum took me to a hypnotist specialising in dealing with stressful situations and she helped me so much, I live in London and I was surprised how many people there are to deal with people like me. It really is something you should try because even though I am still emetophobic, I am much better than I used to be. There are also cds you can buy on the internet, that basically hypnotise you and teach you how to cope better with things I hope I helped, :) x

Thanks for reading my story! And yes now that you've told me about a hypnotist, i think i might as well try it. Thank you so much for sharing your advice and have a nice day! :) Together we can fight this off!

omg! i totally understand you. i literally had to stop going to school because i was terrified that i would throw up or someone would throw up before i could get away. i am constantly nauseous, meaning im constantly panic stricken. when i get super bad i yell and scream and oh is it horrible. but i want you to know your not alone. everyday is a struggle. but i promise it will get better just a lot of positive self talk! btw i am also young only 16! if you need to just talk go ahead and message me! im here! TOGETHER WE CAN FIGHT THIS PHOBIA. AND KICK ITS BUTT!

Thank you for reading my story with emetephobia! Also thanks for the support, if i need someone to talk to i will message you. Thanks! :)

I have the exact same thing! I have been worried about throwing up myself for about 4 years. And if there's meat with the slightest bit of pinkness in, I won't eat it. I always wash my hands incase I have germs on my fingers but my hands are really dry. If someone offers me some food at school, I'll say "I'm fine thanks" because I worry that they'll have germs on their fingers. I am also 13.


I completely understand how you feel. I do the exact same thing you do when they offer you food. Thank you for taking your time to read my story! :)